October 5, 2022


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I Took Creatine Every Day For a Month And This Is What Happened To My Body

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Creatine is a natural supplement that’s used to enhance athletic performance. It’s safe, effective, and popular for building muscle and strength. Creatine has proven benefits to not just support endurance, but also aid in recovery.


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In a nutshell:

Benefits of taking creatine daily for a month By taking creatine, you can boost phosphocreatine stores, which in turn, promotes more ATP energy to fuel your muscles during high-intensity workouts. Creatine is mostly known as a supplement to add muscle mass. Second, it can raise levels of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), a hormone that stimulates increases in muscle mass. Furthermore, some research suggests that creatine reduces myostatin levels, a molecule that stunts muscle growth. Through lesser myostatin, your body can build muscle faster. Creatine is the best supplement for adding muscle mass worldwide. In fact, taking it for as few as 5 to 7 days can already significantly increase lean body weight and muscle size. Over time, creatine also helps in muscle fiber growth by signaling key biological pathways and enhancing gym performance. In a study about creatine takers who underwent a 6-week training regiment, they were able to put on an additional 2-kilo muscle mass. Likewise, a comprehensive review has shown a clear increase in muscle mass among those who are supplementing creatine, compared to those doing the same training regime without creatine. 4. Increased body mass Higher creatine levels in muscles have been linked with greater body mass. While creatine doesn’t build muscle itself, the increase in body mass is due to how creatine causes the muscles to retain water. Also, another plausible explanation is that muscle mass may have grown bigger as a result of working harder during exercises. Remember, benefit #1 says that creatine stimulates the muscles to create more energy. Creatine’s role also goes beyond just muscle growth and performance boost. Research indicates that creatine supplementation may help prevent muscle damage 6. Improved performance on high-intensity exercise Creatine’s significant influence in the production of ATP means that it can substantially boost high-intensity exercise performance. High-intensity exercise performance encompasses many aspects such as strength, muscle endurance, sprint ability, ballistic performance, and muscle mass. And the best part is that, unlike some supplements that only impact advanced athletes, creatine benefits anyone regardless of their fitness level. It was concluded in one review that creatine improves high-intensity exercise performance by up to 15%. Research says that creatine can boost the function of glucose transporter type 4 (GLUT-4), a molecule responsible for driving blood sugar into your muscles. As a result, taking creatine may lower your blood sugar levels. Moreover, in a 12-week study about creatine’s relation to blood sugar levels after a high-carb meal, it was found that people who combined creatine and exercise had better blood sugar control than those who only exercised. In a study in people with traumatic brain injury, those who had creatine exhibited a 50% reduction in dizziness, as opposed to those who did not supplement. Another study also showed that creatine led to reduced fatigue and higher energy levels in sleep-deprived people. Bottom line–creatine can lessen the symptoms of fatigue and tiredness by supplying the brain with more energy and increasing dopamine levels. Creatine, as we’ve previously said, can increase phosphocreatine stores, thus, helping the brain produce more ATP. In addition, creatine can increase dopamine levels and mitochondrial function, which in turn, aids brain function. Taking creatine post-workout helps provide your muscles with energy, allowing you to work out harder and longer.


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