October 5, 2022


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I Did 100 Pushups a Day For 30 Days – Here’s What Happened

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Push-ups are effective, simple, and incredibly versatile. If you’re like many people, then you may have already asked yourself this question many times–what would happen if I did 100 push-ups daily for a month?


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In a nutshell:

And if you`re like many people, then you may have already asked yourself this question many times–what would happen if I did 100 push-ups daily for a month? So, what happens if you do a hundred push-ups every day? Will your upper body strength truly increase? The truth is, 100 push-ups a day aren`t very excessive, especially if you divide them into sets. Also, it includes the idea that for you to enhance your muscular strength and endurance, your muscles must undergo training loads that they aren`t used to. 2. Your upper body strength improves.

It`s a known truth to many that push-ups are a killer exercise for the upper half. Personal trainers have also attested to push-ups being great upper body strengtheners. By enhancing your strength in these parts of the body, it`ll be easier for you to carry out day-to-day activities. Moreover, compared to other upper body exercises that train only one specific muscle group, say, bicep curls, push-ups target many different muscle groups at once.

This is why push-ups have an outstanding reputation as an efficient and effective exercise for building upper body strength on the whole. Performing daily push-ups, no matter how many reps there are, won`t make you look perfectly ripped. However, you will indeed notice a little more definition in your body after a month of 100 push-ups a day. 4.

You develop better core strength and stability. Push-ups aren`t just for boosting upper body strength. They`re one of the selected exercises that are truly a bang for your buck as they engage many different joints and muscles in your body at once. Core strength and stability are essential parts of that total body workout.

And with push-ups, they`re a great way to stabilize and strengthen your core. The core is essentially all parts of the body that aren`t the head, arms, and legs. A properly executed push-up targets some of the lesser-trained muscles in the core, like the transverse abdominis and multifidus. These include exercising and day-to-day activities like walking and carrying.

Incorporating 100 push-ups in your daily routine would absolutely change that. Name a better way of feeling energized right after waking up than exercise. If you do push-ups first thing in the morning, you can feel a boost of energy before you can even turn on your coffee pot. Like any form of exercise, it`s normal to feel this way, especially push-ups as it increases heart rate, respiration rate, and core body temperature, all of which contribute to feeling invigorated.

With 100 push-ups, your heart is surely gonna start pumping faster and you`re gonna feel out of breath. Ready to start busting out push-ups? Although push-ups are a simple exercise, it can be hard to do it correctly.


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