December 4, 2022


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How to Naturally Boost Your Metabolism for Weight Loss

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An increased metabolic rate is the holy grail of every weight watcher. The thing is, the speed at which the human body burns calories depends on many factors.


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In a nutshell:

For instance, some people are born with a speedy metabolism thanks to their genes.
Second, males tend to burn more calories than females, even while at rest.
Also, for most people, metabolism slows steadily when they’re past age 40.
And so while we cannot control our genetics, age, and gender, there are other natural ways to boost your metabolism and aid in your weight loss journey.
An example of this is doing HIIT.
It turns out that the more muscles you have, the greater calories your body burns.
Seems interesting? Stay tuned to know more.

1. Eat enough.
Eating less means weighing less, right? Or is it really?
Actually, if your body isn’t getting enough calories, it can lead to loss of muscle mass, which then will decrease your metabolism.
Moreover, skimping calories causes your body to slow the rate of calorie burning so it can conserve the fuel it has.
What many don’t realize is that under-fueling is just as bad as over-fueling.
Just to achieve quick, significant weight loss results, many people are committing a big mistake of eating as few calories as possible.

Choose whole foods.
One best way to keep it real is to eat real food, and yes we’re talking about whole grains and the likes.
Whole grains are made with ordinary flour used to create bread and pasta.
These foods take longer for the body to digest compared to more refined and processed grains.
With healthy, unprocessed foods that are packed with various nutrients your body needs to be at its fullest potential, you’re giving your metabolism a bump up.

Consider HIIT.
The body is constantly burning calories, as in 24/7, and this includes during rest.
As a matter of fact, 60 to 80 percent of the calories burned each day are used to keep you alive.
According to studies, the resting metabolic rate and total calories burned are much higher in folks who have more muscle.
This is because, for every pound of muscle, the body uses 6 calories a day to sustain itself.

Strength training is great, as well.
Another way to build muscle, which in turn, speeds up metabolism, is to do strength training.
Muscle mass has a greater metabolic rate than fat, meaning it requires more energy to preserve.
As we age, our bodies naturally lose muscle.
Thankfully, regular resistance training can counteract this effect.
Resistance training involves lifting weights or doing moves that use body weight or resistance bands to build muscle.

Eat plenty of protein.
Protein takes longer to be broken down by the body than fat or carbohydrates.
The more protein you eat, the more you feel full for a longer time.
This is why eating more protein for weight loss is important.
However, protein can also give your metabolism a boost due to thermogenesis, a process where about 10% of your body’s calorie intake is used for digestion.
A quick way to fill up on protein is to add whey to your smoothie.

Keep stress at bay.
Stress is bad. We all know that but do you know the exact reasons why?
For one, stress impacts hormone levels and can cause a surge in cortisol production.
Cortisol is a hormone that aids in regulating appetite.
According to studies, being stressed out can cause people to overeat.
Not only will high-stress levels cause you to binge on foods, but your body may also take longer to process any calories that you consume.
And yes, this means your metabolism can skyrocket.

Drink more water.
Drink lots of water, blah blah.
Okay, we get it–you’ve heard this advice more times you can count.
But then again this weight loss hack is so simple that people just take it for granted.
Water is good for you and it plays an enormous role in your diet, not to mention in boosting your metabolism.


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