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How to Look After Your Ears | Improve Hearing, Relieve Pain

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Earaches can be debilitating, but they don’t always warrant antibiotics. Prescribing guidelines for ear infections have changed in the last five years.
Not all ear infections are bacterial or need prescription medication.


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In a nutshell:

How to Look After Your Ears | Improve Hearing, Relieve Pain Not all ear infections are bacterial or need prescription medication. In fact, you could find all the relief you need in your home with treatments such as over-the-counter pain relievers, and cold or warm compresses. Continue watching this video for ear pain relief and how to improve your hearing! Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can temporarily reduce the pain of an earache. People experiencing ear pain can try: Children and infant versions are available for many OTC pain relievers. For children with ear ache, parents speak to a doctor before giving over-the-counter drugs to a child under 2 years old. These drugs can cause serious side effects in babies and young children. A heating pad or hot cloth held against the ear for 20 minutes may be helpful for temporary pain relief. While cold temperatures can help numb pain and reduce inflammation, a heating pad may relax the muscles and help improve blood flow. You should never fall asleep with a heating pad, or allow a child to use a hot pack without adult supervision.

A cold pack can help with the pain of an earache. Ear drops can reduce pressure in the ear caused by fluid and earwax. It is important to remember that you should not use ear drops in a child with tubes in their ears or whose eardrum has ruptured. Sometimes, earache can be caused by tense muscles around the ear canal, exerting pressure on the area. For instance, slowly rotate the neck and head, and lift the shoulders up toward the ears; repeat throughout the day. Gentle massage can help with ear pain that radiates from the jaw or teeth, or that causes a tension headache. For example, if the area behind the ear hurts, try massaging the muscles of the jaw and neck.

Massage may also help with the pain of an ear infection. ● Using a downward motion, apply pressure beginning just behind the ears and down the neck. ● Continuing to apply pressure downward, work forward to the front of the ears. This type of massage may help drain excess fluid from the ears, and prevent the pain from getting worse. Chiropractic seeks to reduce pain and other health conditions by working with the muscles and bones. 6. Eat or apply garlic to the ears Allicin, a compound in garlic, is said to be helpful in fighting bacterial infections that may be causing an earache. Eating raw garlic is said to help reduce ear pain. To prevent ear infections, try eating a clove of garlic each day. Garlic ear drops may also reduce pain and prevent an infection from getting worse. Then, apply a drop or two to each ear. 7.

Use breast milk as ear drops However, some sources suggest that breast milk may even help adults. Infants and children should continue nursing to get the most benefits from breast milk. In nursing babies, as well as in children and adults, topical application of breast milk may also help You can try dropping a few drops of breast milk in each ear, and repeat the application every few hours as needed. Sleeping in an upright position is often advised to help reduce the build up of pressure in the ear. Some sleep positions will aggravate pain from ear infections, while some can help relieve it. If an earache occurs during or after plane travel or moving to higher elevations, chewing gum may help “pop” the ears and reduce pressure. Applying ginger juice (shredded ginger in warmed olive oil and strained), around the outer ear canal can relieve pain.


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