October 5, 2022


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How to Grow Your Chest Fast With Just Push-Ups

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This effective chest builder push-ups can be done anywhere, any time – and it works your shoulders, triceps, and abs too. In this video, we will be talking about different push-up variations that grow your chest fast. Keep on watching to find out more!


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In a nutshell:

What Muscles Do Push-Ups Work? How to Grow Your Chest Fast With Just Push-Ups Instead of pushing from the elbows and letting your triceps do most of the work, move your shoulders all the way back to increase the range of motion. This is the quickest way to grow your chest with push-ups that can work with most grips you choose, be it close, medium, or wide grip. It is not recommended for extremely wide grip, however, as it increases the stress for your shoulders and even decreases the muscle activity for your chest. To increase even further the range of motion, you can use parallels, push-up handles, or even rings, but do not overdo it.

What follows are some of the best push-up variations to increase the total number of regular push-ups that you can do as well as see gains in chest size, definition, strength, and endurance. We`d recommend mastering each of the beginner-based push-up variations before moving on to the next level (intermediate). 1. Beginner Push-Up Variations The eccentric push-up emphasizes the portion of the exercise when you are actively lowering your upper body towards the ground.

Follow the same form as a regular push-up, but as you lower your upper body towards the ground, do a count of five. This push-up targets the lower portion of the chest muscles. Following the same form as above, make sure there`s a space in the middle as you place your hands on two separated benches or chairs. Assume a regular push-up position and lift your left foot off the ground.

Perform a push-up as you normally would, then switch feet for the next set. If you`re not able to keep it elevated during the push-up, you can stack it on your right foot. The close-grip push-up tends to be better as a triceps-focused exercise, but it still activates the chest. Using a normal push-up position, move your hands closer together.

Perform a push-up as you normally would. Using a regular push-up position, simply move your hands outside of shoulder width and perform the exercise as normal. 2. Intermediate Push-Up Variations Using these intermediate-level push-up variations is an excellent way to boost more than muscle mass; you`ll also be able to increase your bench press.

Decline push-ups place more activation in the upper chest and front deltoids; you`ll also need your core game to be on point. Use the regular push-up stance that we described above, but slide the left hand down towards your ribs while keeping the other one underneath your shoulder. For example, if you`re aiming for 20 push-ups, switch hands every five repetitions. As you perform a regular push-up, bring your left leg up and to the side of your body towards your left shoulder.

From the regular push-up position, move your right hand and foot simultaneously to the right side. Perform five push-ups to the right, then switch, moving your left hand and foot at the same time towards the left side. Keep the number of push-ups you do on each side even. For example, if you can`t do ten push-ups, but you can perform six, then aim for three on the right side and three on the left.


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