September 28, 2022


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How To Fix Rounded Shoulders For Good

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Everyday things like sitting, driving, standing, reaching, and exercising make us round our shoulders. Unfortunately, when done for long periods of time, it can lead to bad posture. Thankfully, you can fix this by yourself by doing stretches such as lateral neck flexion stretch and reverse shoulder stretch.

How do you perform these? Continue watching to know.


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🕒 Timestamps:

Intro – 0:00
1. Chest doorway stretch – 0:29
2. Band pull apart – 1:13
3. Lateral neck flexion stretch – 1:59
4. Reverse shoulder stretch – 2:33
5. High plank – 3:11
6. Childs pose – 3:52
7. Cat cow – 4:29
8. Glute Squeeze – 5:06


In a nutshell:

1. Chest doorway stretch (3 sets for 15-30 seconds each, 2-3x a day)
This exercise is the top choice by experts for rounded shoulders.
It opens your chest while gently stretching your shoulders.

2. Band pull-apart (2 sets of 10-12 reps, 1-2x a day)
This move opens up your chest and strengthens the muscles in your rear shoulders and upper back.

3. Lateral neck flexion stretch (1-2 sets on each side for 15-30 seconds)
For this stretch, it targets your trapezius and scalene muscles, which are important in posture and breathing throughout the neck and shoulders.

4. Reverse shoulders stretch (2 sets for 20-30 seconds each, 1-2x a day)
This move opens up your chest and stretches your shoulders.

5. High plank
This pose can reduce body pain and stiffness while also strengthening your glutes, hamstrings, and shoulders.

6. Child’s pose
One of the easiest poses, the child’s pose stretches and lengthens your spine, hamstrings, and glutes.

7. Cat cow
Another good exercise to achieve perfect posture is cat-cow.
This pose aims to stretch and massage your spine.
Meanwhile, it also relieves tension in your neck, shoulders, and torso and promotes blood circulation.

8. Glute squeezes
A glute squeeze stimulates and strengthens your glutes while easing your lower back pain.
It improves the alignment and function of your pelvis and hips, improving your posture.


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