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How To Burn Fat With Just 5 Minutes of Walking a Day

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If you’re looking for a convenient and cost-effective form of exercise, then look no further than walking. But how can a mere 5-minute walk a day burn fat?

The answer is easy–you just need to incorporate some tweaks to your walking routine, say, brisk walking, adding some incline, or even as simple as swinging your arms.


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In a nutshell:

How To Burn Fat With Just 5 Minutes of Walking a Day Outside jumping on the bandwagon, being physically fit is important as it can reduce your risk for developing health conditions like diabetes and heart disease. But how can a mere 5-minute walk a day burn fat? Walking and fat burn explained A significant fat accumulation around the midsection has been linked to an increased risk of diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. Thankfully, you can effectively reduce belly fat through aerobic exercises like walking.

According to one small study, obese women who walked for 50 to 70 minutes three times a week for 12 weeks were able to reduce their waist circumference and body fat. Meanwhile, in another study around people on a calorie-controlled diet who walked for 1 hour five times a week for 12 weeks, they were able to lose a couple of inches off their waistlines and their body fat compared to those who only followed the diet. The truth is, any increase in physical activity level will bring benefits. That said, you can also do some things to increase the amount of fat you burn while walking.

How exactly are they related to increased fat burn? Walking tips for better fat burn Picking up the pace just a tad bit might not seem much but it can actually help when it comes to fat- and calorie-burning. Based on a scientific study, a faster pace equates to more calories burned. For instance, an adult weighing 155 pounds burns 176 calories while walking at a pace of 2 MPH for 30 minutes. But if that same person would walk at a pace of 3 MPH, then he/she can burn 232 calories within the same period.

Research tells us that the human body tends to burn more calories in the middle of the day. This finding was based on a study of a group of overweight men who either exercised in the morning or afternoon. And true enough, participants who were active in the afternoon lost more body fat than those who exercised using the same routine in the morning. Did you know that walking in nature has more benefits than being on a treadmill? As silly as it might make you look, you should try swinging your arms while you walk.

Notice how your pace quickens when you vigorously pump your arms when walking? Moreover, this walking style burns 5 to 10% more calories. Let your arm extend behind your body, swinging comfortably and naturally. Another way to burn fats more through walking is to alter your walking speed. Doing so burns up to 20% more calories than walking at a steady pace.

Letting on and off of the gas and brake pedals will burn much more gas, and in this case, calories, say researchers. If you`re on a treadmill, take advantage of the incline for a stronger caloric burn. Uphill walking also burns more calories and aids in building muscles in your lower body.


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