December 5, 2022


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How to Build Bigger Arms in Less Time

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How to Build Bigger Arms in Less Time Do you want to build bigger arms in a short time? Then stop wasting your time with bicep curls and get into serious business. Do more compound exercises, especially chin-ups.


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In a nutshell:

If you ask gym goers to pick one exercise to grow their thigh muscles, they`re likely to pick compound exercises like squats over isolation exercises like leg extensions. Many would pick bench presses (compound) over cable crossovers (isolation).

It`s why most are obsessed with doing all types of curl variations just to get bigger arms. And you know what`s the best compound movement for your biceps? Numerous people find chin-ups hard because they actually are. However, this doesn`t mean chin-ups are not superior to curls. Any muscle-building exercise performed in the most effective way is going to feel unpleasant.

If you want to get stronger and bigger, you`re going to suffer in the gym so you may as well perform the most effective exercises. – Chin-ups over bicep curls Chin-ups work the bicep and involve the use of more weight than the vast majority of people will ever do with bicep curls. A good rule of thumb is to perform one set of chin-ups to failure once or twice a week, depending on your strength and the amount of intensity you can generate. So, trigger the growth, rest, and let the muscle building take place.


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