August 17, 2022


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How to avoid a D&C (curettage) with homeopathy

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Having a missed miscarriage or an incomplete miscarriage is bad enough. Needing a D&C or curettage on top of that may be the last thing you want with all the risks the procedure brings. Luckily there are homeopathic remedies that you can try to help your body resolve the pregnancy naturally so that you can avoid curettage and reduce the risks of adhesions that affect your fertility in the future.

I am not super clear on this in the video, but at 08:23 I am suggesting remedies to take before and after the D&C if you have to go through with it.

02:37 How to take the remedies
04:32 What potencies to get and where to get remedies
04:56 Five remedies to help resolve the pregnancy naturally
08:23 Healing remedies for after a curettage, avoiding adhesions/scarring
09:38 How long to take the remedies for

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