July 7, 2022


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How Many Push-Ups You Should Do Per Day for a Big Chest

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Push-ups are one of the most common exercises that should be included in the routine of anyone who works out, be it as a beginner or a professional athlete. If you want to get a big chest, then the number of push-ups you perform per day will be the determining factor of your progress.

Will 10 be enough? What about 20 or 30? Keep watching this video to find out.


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In a nutshell:

Do at least 20 push-ups per day for your first few days.
It’s a great start to get a bigger and more chiseled chest.
However, if this will be your goal for the entire period, don’t expect to see results in just a week.
Chances are, you’ll see visible results in your body after three months or so.
But if you want quicker results, then you can gradually increase your sets and reps.
Plus, your body may get used to the same routine every single day, which can slow down your muscle growth.
Thus, it’s typically required to increase the number of reps after those 3 months by at least 10 more.
Doing so will let you continue growing muscle around the chest, as well as the arm area consistently and without any form of stagnation.
Furthermore, you need to be consistent in the number of sets and reps you do so you can ensure that your workout sessions are productive.


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