December 8, 2022


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How Lemon Water Works Wonders On Your Body

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Countless people are so obsessed with putting lemons in their drinking water. Lemon water works wonders on the body, yet many of us still take it for granted. Wanna know why? The reasons may surprise you.


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In a nutshell:

Countless people are so obsessed with putting lemons in their drinking water? In fact, some people treat lemon as a mere embellishment or a way to add some flavor to water. But there are actually wonderful health reasons for drinking lemon water. Lemon water also makes a good kidney stone warrior. We will get more into those and many other health benefits of adding lemons to your water. One common reason is that it contains the expandable soluble pectin, fiber, which makes you feel full for longer.

Thus, lemon juice drinks don’t promote fullness the same way. On the bright side, while lemon water is no weight loss miracle, it has flavonoids that help with insulin resistance and obesity. Therefore, if you’re drinking more lemon water (water being the operative word) then you’re likely to lose some pounds. Lemons taste good, too, so all the more reason to add them to your drink. Lemon is an excellent source of vitamin C, a potent antioxidant that helps protect cells from harmful free radicals. Odds are, you’ve heard about vitamin C helping prevent or limit the duration of the common cold in some people.

According to research, chronic inflammation is linked with increased oxidative stress and a higher risk of certain health conditions including arthritis, diabetes, and cancer. Do you or does anyone you know drink lemon water in the morning as a laxative to help prevent constipation? You need to include the pulp when making lemon water, otherwise, you’ll miss out on the benefits of fiber. Vitamin C found in citrus fruits like lemons can help reduce those aging signs. Although it’s still up for debate on how water improves skin, aside from hydration, one thing is for sure–skin with less moisture becomes dry and prone to wrinkles. The link between hydration and drinking lemon water is everything that has to do with water, and not the lemon juice on it. Adding lemon juice and lemon slices into your water enhances its flavor, encouraging you to drink more. So, if you don’t want your skin looking dull, dry, and wrinkly, then drink plenty of water every day.

Based on some studies, drinking lemon water can help treat kidney stones. Usually, they’re made up of calcium oxalate, which is why citrate is the primary compound used for treating kidney stones. Also, not only are you getting citrate by drinking lemon water, but you’re also supplying water in your body, which can help prevent or flush out those kidney stones. Moreover, a lack of water is another common cause of kidney stones. As such, drinking more water is very helpful, whether or not there’s lemon juice in it. Thankfully, you can help increase your iron intake through lemon water. Iron isn’t well absorbed by the body when it comes from plant sources. And since lemons have good amounts of vitamin C and citric acid, they hugely play a part in preventing anemia by maximizing the iron absorption of your body from your diet.

Drink lemon water more frequently if you can and see how it affects your iron levels. Many sources claim that lemon water can help lower the risk of cancer. On another thought, there’s nothing to lose if you drink lemon water anyway. Consistency is the key to getting the most out of the health benefits of lemon water. You can also infuse other flavors and add a health boost to your plain lemon water by adding any or some of the following ingredients: Another clever way to add lemon to your water fast is through lemon ice cubes.


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