December 9, 2022


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Homeopathy Works for Me – Francisca Guimaraes

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Francisca describe how homeopathy has helped her “Well homeopathy has helped in many ways but I believe that the most incredible one is with my son. He’s two years old and he used to go to emergency room with respiratory problems and every time the Doctors wanted to give him Cortisone so I consulted my homeopath and with only one pellet every time he had that respiratory problem with only one pellet in five minutes not only is it gone he’s back to sleep. So that’s amazing, no more emergency room, no Cortisone, anything just one pellet and he’s back to sleep. Another for me was amazing as well was I had chronic urinary infections for years and not even with Phyto therapy nothing not plants anything would help, nothing would help and with homeopathy I remember just like a few weeks and urinary infections were gone forever. Like I don’t remember the last time I had a urinary infection so for me, yeah definitely homeopathy works.”

Homeopathy is a system of natural healthcare that has been used worldwide for over 200 years.

Homeopathy treats each person as a unique individual with the aim of stimulating their own healing ability. A homeopath selects the most appropriate medicine based on the individual’s specific symptoms and personal level of health.

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