December 4, 2022


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Here Is My Honest Advice For Building Muscle

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With so many views on how to get strong, it’s only natural for anyone new to the whole muscle-building agenda to get overwhelmingly confused. Among those plethoras of rules and tips, some work better than others and some don’t work at all.


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In a nutshell:

Today, we`re giving you honest and in-depth (read: long) advice on building muscle, so make sure to stay tuned! For each item, we will be giving you some real pieces of advice in order to build muscles efficiently. Advice #1: Resistance training is the key, but it`s too early to write off cardio just yet. Resistance training is the gold standard in muscle-building. That`s because whatever form of resistance training you perform, whether it`s weightlifting or bodyweight movements, breaks down your muscle fibers, thus, resulting in microtears.

And since satellite cells and growth factors encourage muscle protein synthesis, it gives way for a greater amount of muscle to be built over time. According to experts, cardio exercises such as walking and jogging have been shown to increase muscle gains in young and elderly people. Advice #2: But using different training programs is still the best combo. To activate your muscles and keep your workout regimen interesting, try different training programs including: Bodyweight exercises – these are amazing for building muscles without weights and are usually incorporated into home workouts.

Advice #3: Train each major muscle group equally, say, at least once a week. In weightlifting, popular compound exercises that are excellent at building muscle and strength are squats, deadlifts, and bench presses. Advice #4: Follow effective weight training that progressively overloads your muscles Thus, you must constantly challenge yourself with heavier weights and higher training volume to keep gaining muscles over time. Heavier weights recruit more of the relatively stronger muscle fibers, which help overcome your training plateau and create more muscles efficiently.

Advice #5: Aim to do resistance training at least twice a week. Based on research, doing so will lead to more gains than training major muscle groups once weekly. In essence, it`s better to reduce the volume per muscle group per workout and exercise them each twice per week compared to training the heck out of all muscle groups once per week. That said, the verdict is still out on exercising muscle groups three times or more per week.

Advice #6: For people using other training programs, do the following: As for those who want to build muscles with cardio in the mix, aim for 4-5 times of training per week to sufficiently overload your muscles. Advice #7: Aim for adequate amounts of protein, carbs, and fats, especially protein. Hardcore workouts like those for building muscle will break down the protein in your muscle cells. As such, it`s imperative to supply your body with enough protein, specifically post-exercise.

To boost muscle growth, increase your protein consumption to at least 1 gram of protein per pound of your weight every single day. Ideally, eat complex, whole-grain carbs as they promote lean muscle mass and limit body fat gains. Advice #8: Spread out your protein intake across all meals. – Eat protein before and after resistance training.

This means all essential amino acids (EAAs) are present, as this will boost protein synthesis in muscle cells. Besides exercise and diet, other things also affect how quickly (or slowly) you can build new muscles.


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