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Free Medicare Help | How Boomer Benefits is paid for free Medicare help

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Free Medicare help is hard to come by. At Boomer Benefits, Medicare help is our claim to fame. We offer our policyholders a free service that provides continuous help with their Medicare issues for the life of their policy. That service offers a team of Medicare specialists whose number one goal is to answer questions and fix most all Medicare issues that may arise. The team does this so you don’t have to call Medicare or the Insurance Carriers yourself.

In addition to offering guidance or resolving issues, the Client Service Team (CST) is here to help you with other Medicare-related topics such as rate shopping your supplemental coverage or drug plans.

If you are considering Boomer Benefits as your Medicare Insurance Broker, then you should definitely continue reading to learn more reasons why you will LOVE our Client Service Team.

1. We Won’t Let You Pay Bills That You Aren’t Supposed To

Medical bills get processed by several different responsible parties, sometimes causing issues that might result in a bill being processed incorrectly.Determining whether you owe on a bill or if it was processed incorrectly can be confusing. Don’t worry! If you have your policy with Boomer Benefits, you can send any questionable bills to us. Our CST will investigate why the bill is being sent to you and follow up with you accordingly.

If the bill is accurate then you will need to pay it. If not, we will get it resubmitted for someone else to pay it.

2. We Will Resubmit Claims for You
The bills mentioned above are considered claims. If we figure out that you weren’t supposed to receive that claim, then we will contact the responsible party for payment. We will even follow up to make sure it was resolved. This will save you hours of chasing around the proper parties trying to get your Medicare claims paid.

3. We Make Sure a Reimbursement is Sent to You
Say you accidentally pay one of those bills that you weren’t supposed to pay. We will contact the billing department to which you paid and request a reimbursement be made for you.

4. We Can Assist You with an Appeal if a Carrier Declines Your Application

Medigap plans are not guaranteed as some can be denied. There are a few different reasons as to why, but one that happens more often than others is, failing the underwriting process for a Medigap application.

When applying for Medigap policies, you must sometimes undergo medical underwriting in most states. This means the insurance company will ask you questions about your medical history.

Insurance companies can decline you based on your answers or based on facts they find in your medical and prescription history. However, you do have the right to file an appeal regarding their decision. Their decision may still stand, but it’s at least worth a try and the CST can guide you on how to file the most compelling appeal possible.

5. We Make Check-In Calls to Our Policyholders
We make regular check-in calls to make sure all is going well with the policies we helped them enroll in. During these calls, it is common for our clients to think of questions that they have wanted to ask but just haven’t got around to picking up the phone.

Our check-in calls give our clients comfort in knowing that if they forget to call us, we will be calling them.

6. We Rate Shop for Clients
Rate Shopping is where we look at other plan options for a client because they are no longer happy with their plan’s monthly premium.

Some insurance carriers will notify us that a client’s rate is increasing. When that happens, we promptly call the client and let them know of the change. We are able to rate-shop other carriers to see if we can find a lower rate for the same coverage and benefits with a different carrier.

There are also some carriers who DON’T notify us of the rate increase, but instead will notify you by mail. In that case, we ask our clients to call us and we will rate-shop for them.

Clients can also call us anytime throughout the year to have us shop their rates for them even if their rate isn’t increasing.

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Boomer Benefits provides free claims support for life for all of our Medigap and Medicare Advantage policyholders so that you are never alone in dealing with Medicare.

We are licensed in 47 states and we are a top-producing, award winning agency with over 2000 5-star reviews from Medicare beneficiaries just like you.

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