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Fertility Q&A May 2019 | Maca, PCOS, homeopathy, healthy CM

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You asked, I answered! Here is the May Fertility Q&A!

1:09 Should you be warm or cool after ovulation?
2:29 Can homeopathy resolve ovarian cysts?
3:17 Can homeopathy treat blocked fallopian tubes?
5:01 Does increased vaginal discharge affect fertility?
5:59 What can you say about mid cycle / ovulation spotting / bleeding?
6:55 What causes random heavy discharge throughout your cycle when not ovulating? Is this related to PCOS?
8:27 How long should you continue to try for a baby before seeing a doctor or homeopath?
9:57 How often should you test for LH a day if you have PCOS?
10:37 Bleeding / spotting in your first trimester
11:56 Are short periods after a miscarriage normal?
13:31 Is Maca good for fertility?
14:36 What is your opinion on cooking on induction or microwaving food?
15:14 What is too much/little CM? What is too much/little intercourse when TTC?
18:28 Are there homeopathic remedies to improve sperm quality?
19:03 When you have 1 fallopian tube left after an ectopic pregnancy, how can the one tube left catch eggs from both ovaries?
20:27 What can you do to prepare for TTC?
21:12 The Ava bracelet
21:39 What doctor should you see about PCOS or endometriosis?
22:30 How homeopathy can help with sperm quality, blocked/scarred fallopian tubes, earlier ovulation, etc.

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