August 15, 2022


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February 2021 Functional Forum: Reinvention Part 2: The Systems

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Vincent Pedre, MD
Andrea McSwain, DO
Patricia Devers, DO

Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce the second in its series on Reinventing Medicine. Last month (, we talked about gut health and getting to the core of chronic gut issues. This month, we’re going to go a little bit deeper into how the health of your gut affects the health of the whole body.

James will co-host with Dr. Andrea McSwain, who is not only the founder of the Michigan Center for Holistic Medicine, which now has four locations, but also a member of the Practice Accelerator. She will share her journey over the last four years to build this network of clinics in Michigan, and also share her insight on the clinical information from the other two presenters.

Joining us will be Dr. Vincent Pedre, who last month shared his presentation on gut health and clinical tips and product recommendations for dysbiosis. This month, he is going to be giving a case study showcasing the protocol for reversing chronic dysbiosis.

Our next guest is Dr. Patricia Devers, who is the chief clinical officer at Genova Diagnostics. In the interview, she really showcases how the health of our gut affects systemic health and all the ways in which gut health affects health outcomes.

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