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Feb 2020 Functional Forum – 2020: The Year Of Resilience

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The Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce our first live Functional Forum since 2018—coming to you from the home of naturopathic medicine, Bastyr University.

2019 was the “Year of the Group” and in that year, we produced a series of podcasts on group medical visits, a free 5-Day Group Visit Challenge, and most recently, launched our founder’s second book, The Community Cure: Transforming Health Outcomes Together. For many reasons, we believe that group-delivered care will be the necessary evolution of medicine that brings a lifestyle-first, root-cause approach to everyone, even to the poorest and most vulnerable in society. We want to set you up for success with this care model, and give you the tools you need to step confidently into the future of healthcare.

Turning now to the year ahead, in this Forum, we will share our vision for our 2020 theme: Resilience.

Resilience is a topic whose time has come in medicine. As chronic disease care evolves from a disease-centric approach to a health-centric approach, resilience is a key marker for understanding health. There is no better place to hold this event than Bastyr University, as naturopathic medicine was founded on a health-focused approach with resilience and ability to adapt to change as key mindsets. Bastyr was also the first federally accredited institution offering undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in natural medicine.

And who better to keynote this topic than Dr. Jeffrey Bland, the Godfather of Functional Medicine, Seattle-area resident and first member of the Board of Trustees at Bastyr University. Throughout his career, Dr. Bland has been a stalwart advocate for a health-focused operating system for chronic disease. He will take us through the emerging science of resilience in humans.

Joining Dr. Bland will be Dr. Pamela Snider and Dr. Michelle Simon, Naturopathic Physicians and leaders in the field. Dr Snider will discuss the “Naturopathic Therapeutic Order” a foundational concept that can help us understand the optimal path to resilient health for patients.

James Maskell will chart the journey from individual resilience to community resilience, drawing on real-world examples of communities solving loneliness through group-delivered care.

We can’t wait to get back to our roots with this live format, and help you continue building your communities and your resilience in the year to come.

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