July 7, 2022


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Exercise: Better Than Fasting, Calorie Restriction for Aging, Longevity?

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Fasting and calorie restriction are not the only tools that support longevity.

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Link to studies and references: https://bit.ly/3g4xxXM

Fasting and calorie restriction are not the only tools that support longevity. Harvard researchers make the case that exercise is the ultimate tool to support longevity and healthy aging.

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—————————————–Show Notes————————————–
0:00 Intro
0:51 Exercise impacts aging
1:55 9 Hallmarks of Aging
2:36 Genome instability
3:27 Epigenetic /Biologic age testing
4:00 Mitochondrial Dysfunction and exercise
6:00 Exercise and Aging Specifics
8:14 Sleep Loss and Aging
10:00 Exercise May be Better Than Fasting for Aging
11:21 Exercise and aging of the heart
11:45 How much exercise do you need
12:34 Muscle Loss with Age
15:43 Exercise and the brain
18:06 Exercise and Nutrient Sensing
20:01 Exercise, mTOR and AMPK

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