November 26, 2022


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Episode 3 Part B: Concussions in Winter Olympics Skeleton | Dr. Aliyah Snyder

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Have you ever thought about concussions in the Winter Olympics? Adel sits down with Sports Neuropsychologist Dr. Aliyah Snyder for Part B of a compelling conversation on Concussions in a Winter Olympic sport you may have never thought of.

Adel and Dr. Snyder, a former Winter Olympic Skeleton athlete, will discuss possible psychological consequences of the sport, sub-concussive head injury, and what is being done to address these issues.

Tune back in next week for Episode 4 Part A.

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00:00 Psychological consequences of Skeleton
2:40 Depression in the athletes
4:05 Dr. Snyder’s symptoms
5:18 CTE
7:20 Occam’s razer
8:53 Sub-concussive injuries
12:25 Sub-concussive challenges
14:09 New York Times article
15:05 Elle Furneaux
16:30 Return to play in skeleton
18:33 Delayed symptoms
19:12 Governing bodies
19:56 Dr. Snyder’s NY Times feature
21:00 Dr. Snyder’s study

News Source: UCLA Health

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