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Do THIS To Increase How Long You Can Plank For

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In a nutshell:

Whether you want to sculpt your body or improve your posture, the plank is without question among the best core exercises. Although it`s most commonly known as a core movement, when done properly, the plank recruits nearly every muscle in the body. Considering all those, it`s no wonder how people like yourself are looking to hold your plank longer. In this video, we`ll be sharing some tips on how to increase your planking time.

To give you a preview, one important tip is to use variations. One of the best things about planks is that it`s a fairly low-risk exercise even for beginners. Moreover, it won`t build your core strength nor improve your stability. So, if you want to tap into every single benefit of the plank, master the form.

Don`t start with a 60-second plank right away. In fact, some beginners cannot hold a plank for 10 seconds, or even just 5, and that`s okay. The key here is to get stronger and get your body accustomed to the position so that later on, you can plank for longer. To do it, hold the plank for 10 seconds, relax for 5-10 seconds, then do another 10-second plank, and repeat for 3 to 6 sets.

This will give you the same strengthening benefits since you`re engaging your muscles at the same amount of total time. The first muscle group that most people think of when they hear plank is the core muscles. After all, the plank is a core movement. If your ribs start splaying and sinking, it`ll be harder to keep your core engaged.

Consequently, your arms will take all the burden, cutting your plank time short because you can`t hold out any longer. Many people find it easier to hold a plank while their favorite song is playing in the background. If you can`t hold a plank for minutes straight, then feel free to break the song to suit your needs. For instance, you can aim to hold the plank until the first chorus comes on, rest for a few seconds, then come back up again when a certain part of the song is on.

This is especially ideal if holding a traditional plank is extremely challenging for your body. One of the reasons many people cannot hold planks for longer is that their wrists can`t take them further. Through these different kinds of planks, you can build your strength and add variety to your core workout. Many people plank better and longer with this variation.

If not, you may end up with stiff muscles, which could negatively impact your performance on other exercises. Aim to plank for 10 to 15 seconds more each day. Sometimes people are too focused on executing an exercise perfectly that they fail to notice one flaw their breathing. Check out next how breathing impacts your plank performance and time.

When we concentrate, we tend to hold our breath. It`s time you stop doing it because it only just makes everything harder, including planking.


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