November 29, 2022


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Do This EVERY Morning (Guaranteed 6 Pack Abs)

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It seems like everyone wants 6 Pack Abs these days. If you’re one of them, let nothing or no one to stop you.

You can do it, but just bear in mind that sculpting those sexy abdominal muscles is more than a weekend project.

Wanting to build and maintain those six-pack abs requires tremendous work and consistency on your part.

Simply put, you have to work on it every single day. I’m not saying this to get you intimidated.

While consistency is truly vital to building your core muscles and shedding off any fats hiding your abs, this doesn’t mean that you have to perform thousands of crunches every day. You can ask any guy with a six-pack.

Here are some morning habits you can include in your daily routine to get those six pack abs that you’ve always dreamed of:

Never skip your fill of a healthy breakfast
There has been so many research done about the relationship between breakfast and belly size, with an end-result showing that there’s an inverse relationship between breakfast and waist size.

Getting your fill of a healthy breakfast is already a weight loss program itself. Oatmeal, for once, is the best source of fiber in the mornings.

Add it with eggs or yogurt, and you have a perfect combination of fiber and protein-rich breakfast to keep you energized throughout your day.

Move, move, move
Achieving six packs doesn’t mean that you have to hit the gym every day.

But on days where you’re not in the gym, you just have to ensure that your body’s on the move often times, seven days a week.

Scientifically speaking, your body isn’t wired to be entirely sedentary, and even sitting for an hour can already contribute to tightness and poor blood and nutrient distribution to your muscles.

So, instead of slacking off on your rest day, get in some light activity, be it walking, jogging, or some stretching every now and then.

Follow this morning workout routine
Once you’re ready to face the morning, you can embed some of these workout exercises in your workout routine.

1. Overhead crunch – Extending your arms will allow you to add a longer lever to the exercise, thus, placing more strain on the upper part of the abdominal muscle.

2. Reverse crunch – While it is essential to note that your abdominal muscle is the long muscle that goes from your lower chest to your pelvis and that many abdominal specific exercises work the entire muscle, doing the reverse crunch helps emphasize the lower region of the stomach muscle.

3. Janda sit-up – In theory, contracting your hamstrings will disengage your hip flexors, making the stomach muscles exert more efforts during the exercise.

4. Frozen V Sit – Once you’ve targeted the lower and upper parts of the abdominal muscle, performing the frozen V sit exercise is an excellent way to immensely train your stomach muscles in one exercise.

Extended plank – This plank exercise specifically focuses on training the deepest layer of your abdominal muscle that is wrapping around your entire midsection.

By extending your hands past your shoulders, you’re pushing the muscles actively working in the plank to work over a larger and tougher range of movement.

Without a doubt, the extended plank is the quickest way to achieve those six-pack abs.

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