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Do This Before Bed To Fall Asleep Instantly

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In this video, you will learn that aside from avoiding caffeine intake before bedtime. There are lots of things you can do before bedtime to make you fall asleep faster. Know these insane tips for sleeping quickly by finishing watching this video!


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In a nutshell:

If you have high or persistent levels of stress, getting sleep is often one of the first areas of your life that may be impacted.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, sleep disturbance is the second most common symptom that you are under mental distress.

1. Stop using your electronic gadgets 20 minutes before dozing off

Technologies are pervasive and it avoids the conversations that you are having and it can feel like an unnecessary pain point.

2. Stay away from what’s causing you stress

Try to lay down without having to worry about something that’s going on or a task you did not accomplish, then you can fall asleep more quickly and sleep deeper.

Spending your night doing less stress-inducing activities, like doing the laundry, your dishes, or any mindless data entry will make your brain shut off easier, resulting in better sleep.

Read or listen to music

Letting yourself down before dozing off will help you fall asleep faster. Winding down is different for everyone.

You can read a book, listen to music, or spend time talking with your family or loved ones. If you wind down, your body and mind are also preparing for sleep.

Control your food intake before your bedtime

Many types of sugar before your bedtime can reduce your quality of sleep. The same thing happens when you intake coffee, foods that are high in content, and alcohol.

Don’t eat any high-fat food or drink alcohol before bedtime. Planning out your meals properly before bedtime will help you to sleep better.

Stay hydrated

Drink enough amounts of liquid to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated will reduce your drowsiness, and it keeps your energy levels higher while making you avoid midnight cravings.

Plus, good hydration will help you stay healthy while having a good weight.

Keep your mobile device away

Put your phone on airplane mode or on do not disturb mode. As much as possible, keep your phone on silent to stop it from disturbing your sleep.

The notification of a text message is tempting, especially when you are already trying to fall asleep, and drag you out of your calm state. Receiving notifications in the middle of the night could wake you up.

Make rituals that will help you fall asleep

It will be much easier for you to fall asleep at night if you have bedtime “rituals.”

Bedtime rituals are things you do every night just before going to bed. Bedtime rituals can include such things as a warm bath, light snack, or a few minutes of reading.

Keep your bedroom comfortable

Making your bedroom quiet, dark, and a little cool helps you fall asleep faster. Making sure it is free from light and noises will make you sleep instantly and better.

Avoid taking pills, drinking and smoking

Avoid having a glass of wine, a beer, or anything with alcohol within six hours before sleeping. Cigarettes or anything with nicotine can disturb your sleep because nicotine are stimulants

Take a shower or warm bath

Recent research has found that taking a shower or warm bath, especially one to two hours before bedtime, can help people fall asleep faster.

Taking a shower or warm bath is not only relaxing, but the changes in temperature can promote better sleep.

Keep your hands and feet cozy

If you have cold hands and feet, it will make you have difficulty sleeping. Wearing gloves when you go to bed is uncomfortable while wearing socks is warm and comfortable.

Focus with your breathing

If you are anxious or stressed, you could be under-breathing. Stress and anxiety make you breathe shortly and more shallowly. To help you relax, control your breathing.

Change your sleeping arrangement

One of the reasons why you can’t fall asleep is because your body may think that your bed is not that comfortable. Not being comfortable in bed will keep you awake.


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