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Do This 5 Minute Workout Every Morning To Get Flat Stomach

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Do This 5 Minute Workout Every Morning To Get Flat Stomach. The bad news is that endless crunches won`t give you a flat stomach, let alone a six-pack. Diet is heavily involved. But when paired with a great 5 minute workout, the tummy fat will start melting away, fast.


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In a nutshell:

Now lean back while extending your legs out away from your body, without letting your feet touch the ground. Come back up and repeat and again don`t let your feet rest on the ground. To start, lie on your back with your legs straight then raise them off the ground until your legs are straight in the air.

3. “W” leg lifts Lie on your back with your feet straight up in the air. With feet sticking together, lower them down towards the floor, and then out and up to form a “W” shape. Push up so that your weight is resting on your forearms and toes.

Look straight ahead and keep this position for 25 seconds. An easier version would be putting your weight on your forearms and knees. Get into a side plank then proceed to raise and lower your body until you feel a burn in your obliques. A modified advanced version would be by going into a full plank with your weight resting on stacked feet and forearm.

Lie flat on your back and bring one leg in, forming a 90-degree angle. Then bring the opposite elbow up to that knee, lower both and repeat the motions on the opposite side of the body. Lie on your stomach and simultaneously lift your legs and arms as high as you can. Start on your back with your upper body propped up on your forearms.

Next, raise one straight leg as far as your flexibility allows and reach for it with the opposite hand. Watch this video to discover the 7 metabolism-boosting foods for a flat stomach.


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