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Dec 2019 Functional Forum – Biotransformation: The 2020 Challenge

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Robert Rountree, MD
Andrew Heyman, MD, MHSA
Lori Erasay, NP
Lara Zakaria, RPh, MS, CNS, CDN, IFMCP

Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce our final Functional Forum of this decade, our 72nd episode. We are excited to not only get up to date on perhaps the most important topic in functional medicine, but also to launch a project that we expect to kickstart our focus in the next phase of our advocacy efforts.

The theme of this episode is biotransformation, which is one of the seven core processes in the functional medicine matrix. This is an important topic because not only is environmental degradation and pollution becoming more mainstream, but also significant lawsuits are thrusting toxicity into the mind of the public. In this episode, we will be launching our Group Visit Challenge, December 9-13, 2019, to help practitioners launch their next functional medicine group visit in Q1 2020.

Our first clinical speaker is Dr Bob Rountree, who appeared on one of our first Forums to discuss the current state of toxicity and emerging strategies for biotransformation. In an extended interview we will dive deep into current and future strategies.

Next will be Dr Andrew Heyman, one of the leading educators in the space, and we will be sharing some of his concepts on cellular and mitochondrial detoxification.

Nurse practitioner Lori Erasay will be sharing her insight from running years of “Detox with Your Doctor” groups in her community in central Florida. We will also hear from a few practitioners who attended the recent IFM Biotransformation Advanced Practice Module (APM).

Finally, we will hear from Lara Zakaria, RPh, who is part of a small group of functional medicine pharmacists leading the charge to bring functional medicine to pharmacists across the globe. In this lecture, she discusses the role of food, pharmaceuticals and nutrition in detoxification.

At the end of the Forum, we will be announcing our 2020 Group Visit Challenge to kickstart our efforts around growing affordable access to functional and integrative medicine through group visits. While your group doesn’t have to be a detox group, it is certainly a popular and easy way to get started.

We look forward to our final episode of 2019 and an exciting launch into 2020.

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