December 8, 2022


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Clean Bulking – Everything You Should Know in 3 Mins

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Clean Bulking – Everything You Should. It`s a strategy of consuming enough calories to get a calorie surplus, thus, adding muscle mass. In today`s video, we`ll be focusing on clean bulking. What is clean bulking? Also called lean bulking, clean bulking involves strictly regulating your calorie surplus to prevent excessive fat gain.


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In a nutshell:

This approach basically boils down to 3 main ideas: foods to target, foods to avoid, and an ideal calorie surplus.

The first thing you must do when doing a clean bulk is to determine your maintenance calories. From there, you add a 10-20 calorie surplus. Next, you must have a daily protein intake of 0. 7 to 1 gram per pound body weight to support muscle gain.

Track Track your progress by weighing yourself regularly. For clean bulking, your diet must primarily revolve around whole, unprocessed foods like fruits, legumes, and lean proteins. 4. Cruciferous veggies – cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts 8.

Beverages – water, diet soda, tea, coffee, and kombucha 3. Proteins – fatty cuts of pork and beef and processed pork Beverages – soft drinks, sweetened coffee and tea, lemonade, and other sugary drinks To complete the bulking up process, you must train hard. Watch this next video to learn how you can pack on muscle mass at home.


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