October 5, 2022


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Charting to get pregnant naturally | My #1 fertility tip

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Hello lovelies, welcome to another one of my video’s in which I’m sharing with you 5 reasons that charting helps you to fall pregnant naturally faster. Once you’ve heard them all, you will understand why it is my #1 fertility tip!
So, if you are not charting yet you’ll want to learn how to do it right? I got you covered. You can join my free Basics to Fertility Charting course and start charting today.
I had a look before doing this video, and I saw that OVER 16,000 women have gone through this course. MIND BLOWN.

00:00 Intro
01:26 Find your own fertile pattern.
02:18 Make the most of your current cycle
03:24 Discover fertility hurdles
05:12 Monitor your progress
05:46 You will fall pregnant faster

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