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Bulk Up With This Video: Best Diet + Exercises for Muscle Gain

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The whole muscle-building process is complex that can confuse even the most experienced trainee. But if there’s one thing you must always keep in mind, it’s the fact that muscle building is fuelled by progressive strength training and a balanced, nutrition-rich diet. Wanna know more? Keep watching until the end!


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In a nutshell:

Below are some suggestions to get you started

2.Fish (lean and fatty)
4.Lean beef
5.Whey protein


1.Olive oil
2.Coconut oil
3.Mixed nuts and seeds

Nutrition tips:
Eat protein with each meal or snack.
Space your meals around 3-4 hours apart to let amino levels return to baseline.
Carbs should be emphasized around the workout period.
When fulfilling your carb intake, prioritize fruits, veggies, and other whole food options.
Don’t completely ditch carbs as they’re vitally important for muscle building.
Consider avoiding fats during pre, intra, and post-workout periods as they delay nutrition digestion.
Alternately, incorporate fats in other meals throughout the day since they lower the glycemic index and enhance the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

Eat a balanced variety of monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, and saturated fat sources.
Make sure you get enough intake of omega-3s from various sources.
Avoid non-naturally occurring fats like those made in factories.

Best exercises for muscle gain

Dips are great muscle builders for the shoulders, triceps, and chest.
You can manipulate your body weight in space against the influence of gravity.

Chin-ups are the easiest exercise to determine a person’s relative strength.
They’re excellent for the lats, biceps, and upper back, so they can be used to replace machine variations like lat pulldowns.

Squats are the best but also one of the toughest exercises to master.

Nevertheless, they’re crucial in every training program.
While not everyone can squat butt to ankles, everyone should be able to maintain both front and back squat patterns.

Undoubtedly, deadlifts are one of the best muscle builders that every trainee can include in their training routine.
Plus, like squats, you can perform deadlifts with a barbell.

Bench press
Go to a gym on a Monday, and the majority of the males will be benching.
Variations like flat dumbbell press and incline bench press are incredibly effective mass builders for shoulders, triceps, and chest.

Rows come in several variations, including barbell and dumbbell.
As such, they’re incredibly beneficial for developing the muscles of your upper back.
Machine versions have specific benefits, but it’s the free weight versions where you’ll get the most success.

Overhead press
The press is an outstanding indicator of overall upper body strength and balanced programming.
For this reason, most seasoned lifters should be able to press their bodyweight overhead.


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