December 3, 2022


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BrainSPORT Podcast: Concussions in women’s soccer part B

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In Episode 2 Part B, Adel continues his discussion of Concussion in Women’s Soccer with Sofia Chambers, former captain of the University of Oregon Women’s Soccer team, and Dr. Meeryo Choe, Concussion expert and Assistant Director of the UCLA Steve Tisch BrainSPORT Program.

The group discusses CTE in females, subconcussive head injuries, and why females are more predisposed to concussions than males. The episode wraps up with the benefits Sofia has experienced from playing soccer, what she is up to now, and a message to other athletes.

Tune back in next week for Episode 3 Part A.

For more information on the UCLA Steve Tisch BrainSPORT Program:

00:00 – Concussions or something else?
1:49 – CTE in females?
2:10 – CTE tendencies in female cases of domestic violence
4:26 – Subconcussive head injuries in soccer
8:15 – Concussion threshold
9:13 – Analyzing Sofia’s Concussion
17:23 – Can you have a Concussion from a header?
22:04 – Positions in soccer that predispose to concussion
22:50 – Females more predisposed to concussion than male
27:13 – How is Sofia doing now?
28:20 – Would Sofia play soccer again?
29:40 – A life lesson Sofia learned from soccer
32:00 – What is Sofia doing now
34:14 – Sofia’s message to athletes
35:11 – Dr. Choe’s message to athletes
35:56 – Outro

News Source: UCLA Health

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