January 23, 2022


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April 2021 Functional Forum: Resilience and AIC: An IFM Annual Conference Preview

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Amy Mack
Dr. Georgia Tetlow
Dr. Gail Christopher
Dr. Joe Pizzorno

Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to continue its support of the Institute for Functional Medicine’s Annual International Conference with a special preview showcasing what we can expect at this year’s conference. The theme of the event is resilience and speakers from across the spectrum of expertise and perspective will look at to future and provide insight on how we can create a more equitable, just and resilient healthcare system.

Joining James live on the Forum will be Amy Mack, CEO of the Institute for Functional Medicine, as well as Dr. Georgia Tetlow, a leading integrative and functional medicine physician. Dr. Tetlow also hosted the Philadelphia Functional Forum meetup for years and has been a strong voice for physician self-care and resilience.

Also joining the Functional Forum, and keynoting this year’s AIC, is Dr. Gail Christopher. We will be featuring a special pre-interview with her diving into elements of equality and healthcare, and how we can create more resilient communities and provide better care for the underserved.

Our final guest is Dr. Joe Pizzorno. Dr. Pizzorno is a transformational leader in medicine who believes in the teaching, research and practice of medicine that promotes health rather than just treats disease.

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