December 7, 2022


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Andy and Tom: A Special Transplant Brings Two Brothers Together

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At UCLA Health, we strive to translate science into treatment that brings miracles to life. Through leading-edge research, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries to discover the most innovative treatment options for patients. Our devoted surgeons and a team of multidisciplinary experts have developed a revolutionary transplant ‘tolerance’ program to help unlock recipients from the lifelong side effects of immunosuppression.

Traditionally, transplant recipients have been burdened by immunosuppressive drugs to prevent their bodies from rejecting their new organ. Today, that’s all changing. We are pioneering a new way to infuse the donor’s stem cells into the recipient, significantly reducing or eliminating the need for these drugs.

This ‘game-changing’ therapy has transformed two brothers’ lives completely. Despite Andy and Tom’s distinct personalities, they’re a well-matched pair for UCLA Health’s kidney transplant tolerance program, which enhances transplant patients’ lives by freeing them from potent anti-rejection drugs and extending the quality ‘life-years’ enjoyed from the gift of a transplant.

Learn more about our Kidney Transplant Program:

News Source: UCLA Health

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