December 2, 2022


Its all about the Health

A New Agent and Broker Checklist for Success

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Agents and brokers play an important role in helping consumers enroll in and manage their health coverage. This video from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is meant to be a guide for agents and brokers new to assisting consumers with individual Marketplace coverage. This video will review the steps that new agents and brokers must take to begin assisting consumers with Marketplace applications and enrollments, as well as the tools and resources available to registered agents and brokers, and where they can go for additional assistance when helping a consumer enroll in Marketplace coverage.
Feel free to jump to the parts of this video you want to see by clicking the links below:
1:13 – Creating a CMS Enterprise Portal Account
3:10 – Completing Registration and Training
5:43 – Ensuring Consumers Find You on Find Local Help and Help On Demand
7:39 – Choosing an Enrollment Pathway
10:45 – Helpful Resources
13:40 – Knowing Where to go for Help

Visit the links below to view other videos mentioned throughout this video:
– How to Retrieve Your User ID and Reset Your Password
– How to Manage Your Information in the CMS Enterprise Portal & Marketplace Learning Management System
– How to Use the Issuer and Direct Enrollment Partner Directory

Tools and resources mentioned in this video can be found below:
– Marketplace Registration and Training for Plan Year 2022:
– Issuer and Direct Enrollment Partner Directory:
– Agent and Broker FAQs:
– Agent and Broker General Resources:
– Marketplace Email Preferences:
– Agent and Broker Video Learning Center Playlist:
– Agent/Broker Webinars and Office Hours:
– Agent and Broker Marketplace Help Desks and Call Centers:

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