June 28, 2022


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8 Stretches You Need To Be Doing Every Day To Maximise Flexibility

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Stretching isn’t hardcore nor appealing and it likely won’t give you the same rush that a running session or a HIIT class will. Nevertheless, doing flexibility work is important for a well-rounded fitness routine.


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In a nutshell:

When your muscles aren`t capable of relaxing and stretching enough, it can potentially strain or stress out other parts of the body. The good news is that stretching won`t take so much of your time–10-15 minutes a day will do. Let`s take it up a notch a little bit and move on to stretches like the Piriformis stretch (and many more) that will truly maximize flexibility. Before we discuss the 8 stretches, let`s first touch on the ways maximizing your flexibility can help you.

Stretching increases your muscular flexibility. Once your muscles are lengthened and opened up, your body will start feeling better overall. Having more flexibility and strength lets you withstand more physical stress. Increased flexibility allows your muscles to work effectively, which in turn, leads to greater body movement.

Maximizing flexibility with these 8 stretches 1. Standing hamstring stretch Targets: neck, back, glutes, hamstrings, calves Stand tall with your feet hip-width apart, knees slightly bent, and arms by your sides. Exhale as you bend forward at the hips, lowering your head toward the floor. Then, put your arms around the back of your legs and pause for at least 45 seconds up to 2 minutes.

Now, push off the ground using your left hand and bend your left knee for balance as you start to roll to your right side. You should feel a stretching sensation in your right-side pectoral muscles. As your mobility increases, you’ll be able to stretch, as well as roll your body further. Aside from boosting flexibility, stretching this muscle relieves hip and back pain.

Discover how to perform this Piriformis stretch: 3. Piriformis stretch Targets: hips, back, glutes Good piriformis equals good glutes, which then allows for unrestricted, pain-free movement of the butt and upper legs. Sit on the floor, extending both legs in front of you. Cross your right leg over your left, and plant your right foot firmly on the floor.

Put your right hand on the floor behind your body. Meanwhile, put your left hand on your right quad or your left elbow on your right knee. If the spinal rotation bothers your back, forget about it and just use your left hand to pull your right quad in and to the left. Targets: hip flexors, quads, back At the same time, keep your right leg straight behind you with your toes on the ground.

You should feel a stretch at the front of your right thigh. Next, put your right hand on the floor and twist your upper body to the left as you extend your left arm toward the ceiling. Targets: hips, glutes, lower back, hamstrings Cross your left foot over your right quad. Then proceed to lift your right leg off the floor.

Hold onto the back of your right leg and gently pull it toward your chest. Targets: hips This stretch helps with the internal rotation of one leg and the external rotation of the other.


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