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8 Exercises For an Attractive Upper Chest

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When sculpting specs, many people often neglect, if not forget, the upper chest muscles. This portion of the body’s musculature is small, not to mention are troublesome to develop, so why should you bother with it? For starters, you’re hugely mistaken.


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In a nutshell:

8 Exercises For an Attractive Upper Chest. But first, allow us to talk more about the muscles you`ll be working to build your upper chest using these exercises. Upper chest muscles targeted In essence, the upper chest is composed of one muscle–pectoralis major.

However, the pec major is made up of 3 main portions of muscle fibers, called heads. 1. The clavicular head or upper chest Unlike the rest of the chest muscles, the upper pec muscle runs at a distinct angle. Check out these 8 upper chest exercises you should add to your workout routine.

This well-made exercise contains movements that engage all the anatomical functions that the muscle performs. Compared to a dumbbell fly, a low cable fly offers more consistent tension throughout the range of motion. Make a scooping motion with the handles and inwards while rotating that arm so your elbows are pointing to the sides at the top. Next, squeeze your chest and drive the upper arm against the torso at the top for a strong contraction.

Not the most used exercise, this movement looks like performing an incorrect standard bench press. That said, when done properly, the guillotine press is a wonderful exercise for the upper chest, thanks to the intense stretch and restricted tricep involvement. Next, lower the weight slowly straight downwards towards the neck or clavicle while keeping elbows flared. 3.

Incline dumbbell press Using an inclined surface allows for a greater degree of shoulder flexion, which the clavicular head is primarily responsible for. Moreover, it significantly increases muscle fiber engagement in the upper chest. Set up the adjustable bench at a moderate incline, say 25-40 degrees. In the final position, the dumbbells should be close together, directly over the shoulder joint, all the while actively pressing your upper arm against your torso.

The next on the list is another exercise that uses an inclined angle. Only a couple of exercises promote greater tension than the hex press. The inclined angle positions the weights so your upper chest is under more tension Since this exercise is more about contraction and focus than maximal weight, use a pair of moderately challenging dumbbells. Allow the dumbbells to touch one another while resting on your chest then press up and back slightly.

This exercise is an advanced variation of the chest dip movement. When performed properly, it adds muscle mass to your upper body. Once you and the weight are still, descend slowly by bending at the elbows and allowing the upper arm to drift behind the torso. When you feel a huge stretch in the chest, press yourself back up while keeping your arms tucked to your sides.


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