December 3, 2022


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5 Reasons to Eat More Protein Every Day

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Although lots of us eat enough protein as it is, there’s also a greater benefit to increasing your protein intake. Eating more protein is healthier for some individuals. For instance, doing so can help reduce weight. Another good reason to do it is to promote healthier bones.


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In a nutshell:

Protein is most popular as the macronutrient that builds lean muscle mass.

But this macronutrient is so much more than that.

There’s a reason why among the macronutrients, everybody knows protein is important whereas fat and carbs are known for having some pretty controversial health effects.

Seems very enlightening, eh?

Keep watching to know more about these and the other reasons to add more protein to your daily food consumption.

1. It supports weight loss.
One of the top reasons you should be eating more protein every day is because it aids in weight loss by reducing your appetite and hunger levels.

According to studies, protein is the most filling macronutrient, meaning it makes you feel more full with less food.

Protein does this by reducing the level of hunger hormones ghrelin all the while boosting the levels of peptide YY, a satiety hormone.

As you can imagine, these effects have mighty effects on your appetite, and ultimately, your weight.

2. It strengthens the bones.
The bones get weaker with age but thankfully, you can help promote healthier bones by eating more protein.

Contrary to past beliefs about high protein diets damaging bones by increasing urinary calcium, such a claim has long since been debunked.

Based on new studies, increased protein intake helps maintain bone mass well into old age.

In fact, any dietary protein deficiency may result to decline in bone strength, mass, and micro-architecture.

3. It reduces stress.
Stress is a very sneaky thing.

It’s a very common element in our lives yet it’s actually the root of all sorts of physical and mental illnesses.

Having more protein specifically in the morning can help maintain your energy levels and reduce mood swings, jittery, and agitation associated with chronic stress.

When you’re stressed, you may find it hard to sleep.

Protein can also improve sleep quality by preventing the wear and tear of your body caused by stress.

As many of you already know, protein and muscle growth have quite a history between them.

But what others aren’t aware of is that protein also has a notable connection with muscle recovery.

More about this next:

4. It helps with muscle recovery.
Ever wondered why drinking a protein shake after a workout is highly advised?

Well, it’s because protein triggers muscle adaptation, which in turn, leads to new protein generation in the muscles, and thus, helping the body repair all damaged muscle fibers.

In addition, it increases protein synthesis, which prevents lower muscle mass.

5. It lowers blood pressure.
Studies have shown that increased protein consumption can help reduce the risk of having high blood pressure or hypertension.

When regulating your blood pressure, your heart, kidneys, blood vessels, and many hormones must work together.

The entire process is complex, but the takeaway here is that protein helps facilitate that.

Also, animal proteins that contain arginine work to dilate the blood vessels and keep your blood pressure under control.


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