August 13, 2022


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5 Mistakes That Stop You From Burning FAT (We ALL do these)

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Burning fats can seem a very difficult task.

At times, you will feel like you’ve done everything right but still aren’t able to lose that stubborn fat of yours.

If this sounds too familiar to you because you’ve experienced it yourself, know that you’re not alone.

In fact, millions of people are working hard every single day to lose weight and many of them are still failing.

Chances are, there are things you’re doing that are hindering your progress.

Below are five mistakes that are making it extra difficult to burn fat faster.

1. You’re not lifting weights
Did you know that resistance training is extremely important for weight loss?

According to studies, weightlifting is one of the most effective exercise activities for boosting metabolic rate and gaining muscle.

Moreover, it enhances your overall body composition, while encouraging belly fat loss.

In fact, combined aerobic exercise and weightlifting are the best exercise strategy for weight loss as shown by 15 studies.

2. You believe and treat all calories as equal
It’s time to debunk the myth saying all calories are equal. Uh, certainly not, my friend.

So, if you believe that eating 100 calories of vegetables is the same as consuming 100 calories of ice cream, then you’re definitely going it the wrong way.

When it comes to weight loss, the volume of insulin produced by the body as per the type of food you’re taking in is an important factor

As such, when there’s a lot of insulin in your body, it triggers your body to store as body fat.

Thus, you’re only just preventing fat loss, instead of promoting it.

Carbohydrates in the form of simple sugar often spike insulin.

So, your body has to go with healthy carbohydrates, instead, which can often be found from food that is slow to digest.

3. You’re on a low-carb diet and are consuming too much fat
Low carb diets are very effective for losing fats.

Studies have shown that they tend to curb your appetite, which often results in a spontaneous reduction of calorie intake.

Many low carb diets consist of unlimited amounts of fats believing that appetite suppression will encourage low-calorie intake, which is enough for weight loss.

However, there are people whose bodies aren’t sending them signals to stop eating despite this.

And when this happens, they are likely to eat too many calories to reach a calorie deficit.

So, if you’re pushing for more fat on your diet and are unable to lose weight, it may be better to reduce your fat intake.

4. You’re taking ‘magical’ fat burning pills as shown in advertisements
I hate to break it to you, pal, but there are no shortcuts to burning fats faster.

Fat burning supplements will only cause your resting heart rate to be at high and unhealthy levels.

As such, it’s always best to steer clear of ‘miraculous’ pills and just follow a healthy lifestyle, instead.

5. You have unrealistic expectations
Achieving your fat loss goal can keep you motivated.

On the flip side, setting unrealistic expectations may also backfire, instead of helping you.

According to reports, overweight people who expected to burn the most fats were the ones most likely to drop a weight loss center program after 6 to 12 months.

Thus, it’s best to keep your expectations modest and realistic.

This way, you won’t feel discouraged and instead, boost your chances for success.

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