December 9, 2022


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5 Minute Arm Workout That Instantly Replaces 1 Hour in the Gym

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We will take you through a tough but fast 5-minute workout of super-effective moves for strong, toned arms. You’ll work your biceps, triceps, chest, and shoulders.


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In a nutshell:

We made exercising enjoyable and efficient with this 5-minute workout routine that features a variety of tone-up movements to build strong, toned arms that look amazing from every angle. Building a strong upper body is essential for heart health, metabolism, quality of life (to lift that bag into the overhead when you actually do get on a plane again), injury-prevention, and athletic performance. When your chest and shoulders are strong, the body moves faster and holds your back in the upright position, helping you to avoid any injuries with your spine, neck, and posture. It’s no secret that strong triceps look great in summer apparel, the muscle is important for your everyday movements like lifting yourself up and out of a chair. Strong muscles will help you burn more calories and fat from the body, even when you’re at rest or skip a day of exercising. If you’re struggling with ‘saggy’ and weak arms, or are in need of something that will strengthen every small and big muscle group in your upper body then these workouts are for you! Consider these workouts as your little 5 minute break away from your everyday life and challenge the mind and body in a new way. Here Are Your Best Five-Minute Arm Workout Routines: From there, perform a push-up by bending your arms and lowering your body then lifting up by straightening your arms. From here, bend your triceps so your body lowers to the ground and push up. From there, bend at the elbow and lower your body for a side push up. Do this movement for thirty seconds then switch sides. Then, after one push-up you will turn your body to one side and reach towards the sky with your arm. Alternate sides so you will complete this workout for a total of one minute. From there move your arms in miniature forward circles for thirty seconds. Second 5-minute arm workout routine: The muscle in your upper arm in between your shoulder and elbow on the front of your body is the bicep. To work this muscle, sit on the ground and reach your hands behind you with your fingers pointing towards your butt. Bend your knees in front of you, and press yourself up onto your feet and hands. To start, hold the dumbbells in a goal post position with the weights in alignment with the ears. Start with the arms down by the sides holding dumbbells. Then, exhale as you extend the arms out to the sides just as high as the shoulders. Then, lower the arms back down to the starting position at your sides. Third 5-minute arm workout routine: Third 5-minute arm workout routine: Make sure to take a moment for grounding before starting your arm workout. The second move: Half-Circle Arm Pulses With your palms facing your face, extend your arms to the sides of your body and open up your chest. Bring your arms from the sides of your body to the front and touch your elbows together. Put your arms to the sides of your body with your arms bent and palms facing forward. Do this for 60 seconds before switching to the next weighted exercise. Reach your arms back with your palms facing the ceiling then reach forward in a consistent motion. Make sure while you’re reaching to move your body up and to a bend in a consistent motion.


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