September 29, 2022


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5 Min Home HIIT Workout – No Equipment Needed!

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This is the best Home HIIT Workout – No Equipment Needed! If you love High Intensity Interval Training but hate having to go to the gym or find a class, then you’re going to love this workout. This is the perfect home version of HIIT. But don’t worry – we’ve got everything laid out for you so that you can do this at home or anywhere really. No equipment needed!

0:00 1 High Knee Skips
0:35 2 Mountain Climber
1:20 3 Elbow Up and Down Dynamic Plank
1:55 4 Russian Twist
2:40 5 Jumping Jack
3:15 6 Archer Push-up
4:01 7 Side Kick Burpee


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