December 3, 2022


Its all about the Health

5 easy tips to improve hormone balance & fall pregnant naturally

2 min read

Ready for this August’s fertility theme? We are talking hormones! In this fertility theme kick-off video I am giving you 5 easy tips to start improving your hormone balance today when trying to get pregnant.
In our lifetime we produce the amount of hormones that could all basically fit on a STAMP! Still you and I know both that they have an immense impact. One little imbalance can create more havoc than we can handle.
When TTC naturally, we need this balance especially because hormone balance means health eggs, that drop timely, healthy endometrial lining, and long enough cycles to maintain an early pregnancy.
Hormones are complex. But improving hormone balance doesn’t need to be. Start with the 5 easy to apply tips in this video and you’ll make big steps towards that balance you need to fall pregnant. And yes, these tips apply to your man as well!

00:00 Intro
00:11 Why hormone balance is essential when trying to conceive
01:11 Replace caffeine with…
03:44 Get 30 minutes more sleep a day
04:29 Replace your cooking oils with…
05:58 Schedule fun
07:02 Get your vitamin D levels checked

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