July 2, 2022


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5 Early Warning Signs You’re getting Sick

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If you want to avoid spending time celebrating under a box of tissues and a heap of blankets to keep you warm and accompany, you will certainly want to familiarize yourself with the early indicators that you’re getting sick.

There are not many pre-cold signs as they typically come with something more serious like the flu.

Getting sick can often take people off guard as you can easily go from one minute of being well then the next thing you know, you’re sneezing, have a runny nose, and feels tired all of a sudden.

Colds are common, especially during wintertime.

Nonetheless, anyone can get sick any time and any day, especially if you’re having an extremely stressful time, as stress puts a strain on your immune system.

It’s time for you to be extra cautious.

You wouldn’t want to stay cooped up in your home because you’re down with something awful.

Fortunately, if you just stay aware of these signs, you can prevent spending time being sick.

Here’s a list of early signs to look out for that indicate you might be getting sick:

1. Sneezing
Does it feel like something is building in your nose that begs to be let out?

Sneezing once is okay, but if you find yourself doing so a couple of times for the past few minutes, then chances are, it’s a telltale sign that you are coming down with something.

Sneezing accompanied by frequent coughing, plus a runny nose, are all warning signs of the start of the common cold.

In symptoms persist after two days, you should see a doctor.

Don’t forget to cover your mouth the moment you feel like you’ll sneeze!

You don’t want to pass germs to your loved ones.

2. Sweating
Sweating is a good thing, at least when you’re exercising and want to lose some weight.

But if your body is releasing buckets of sweat out of nowhere, you’re feeling feverish, and having chills, then it’s safe to say that you have a viral or bacterial infection.

Excessive sweating is usually a sign of an impending health issue.

3. Runny nose
Some people often get an itchy nose as an indicator that they’re getting a cold.

If your nose is pouring like a faucet, you can expect to experience congestion and sore throat afterward.

You may want to stay at home, maybe watch some movies, and drink some soothing tea.

4. Sore throat or coughing
Usually, when your throat starts to get itchy or sore and you’re coughing, that’s when your body is trying to get rid of an irritant in your lungs.

If a steamy shower won’t help, then be wary.

A sudden acute cough means that your body is probably preparing to ward off a virus.

Clearing your throat helps with infections.

5. Low fever
A low fever–somewhere under 100 degrees–typically goes hand in hand with a cold.

When you have flu or even just a common cold, it’s normal to come down with a fever.

You may also frequently sneeze and feel congested.

Either way, if you have a low fever, don’t hesitate to take medicine.

It’s best to get rid of the symptoms early on before it develops into something severe.

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