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15 Things to Stop Doing if You Are Trying to Lose Weight

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15 Things to Stop Doing if You Are Trying to Lose Weight. You might feel like you`re doing everything right from your nutrients and diet to exercise, but some seemingly insignificant things can easily pile up and can lead to a weight-loss plateau and derail your results.


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In a nutshell:

A good example is drinking calories, which includes not just soft drinks and sweetened beverages but even fruit juice. A lot of things contribute to weight including the amount of food in your system and fluid fluctuations. For example, weight can fluctuate from around 2 to 4 pounds in just a matter of a few days depending on how much food and liquid you`ve had.

For instance, your assumption is you need to consume 2,000 calories a day when in fact, it`s really going to take 1,800 calories a day to lose weight. It benefits you more to focus on the quality of your calories and the foods that you eat. 3. STOP prioritizing low-fat or “diet” foods.

Diet foods, while low in fat, are still processed. That`s because many of these diet foods are packed with sugar to enhance their taste. Additionally, low-fat products can make you hungrier, leading you to eat more food than your body needs. 4.

STOP eating even when you aren`t hungry. It can lead to eating more calories than your body needs in a day. According to one research, eating just 2-3 meals per day may contribute to reduced inflammation and a lower risk of weight gain. If you`re into sugary foods, it`s time to stop now.

5. STOP eating sugar. If you aren`t in a fasting/starving state, the body is likely to store sugar as fat. And because most of us don`t ever go into a truly fasted or starved state, every bit of sugar we consume is equivalent to fat inside the body.

Stop eating sugar and you`re guaranteed to lose weight. Even those made with 100% fruit juice are packed with sugar and can have similar effects to that of sugary beverages. 7. STOP going on low-fiber diets.

What`s more, several studies revealed that viscous fiber reduced weight and waist circumference even without a calorie-restricted diet. 8. STOP eating a lot of highly processed foods. One major hindrance to weight loss is having a diet packed with highly processed foods.

Therefore, eat more whole foods, instead, as they`re usually self-limiting, meaning they`re harder to overeat. On the contrary, processed foods tend to be easy to keep consuming even when you aren`t hungry anymore. Healthy eating also means not going overboard with your portion sizes. Avocados and nuts are amazing for health and should be a regular part of the diet, however, because they`re calorie-dense, overeating them can prevent you from losing weight.

STOP overlooking food labels.


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