December 5, 2022


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15 Scientific Reasons Why Your Muscles aren’t Growing

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Bulking is no easy feat as it is. But what if you’re unconsciously doing things you think are just insignificant but are actually the ones stopping your muscles from growing? A good example is not sleeping enough. Keep watching to learn more and the rest of the reasons you aren’t gaining muscles according to science.


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In a nutshell:

15 Scientific Reasons Why Your Muscles aren`t Growing Keep watching to learn more and the rest of the reasons you aren`t gaining muscles according to science. The muscles adapt quickly to exercise. Thus, if you`re doing the same movements all the time, there won`t be muscle gain at all. Progression is the key to muscle gain, and one way to achieve that is to increase your reps.

Hence, doing the same reps won`t make you progress. Also, additional stress on muscles is crucial for repair and rebuilding. Even if you have all other aspects nailed down, if there`s no proper technique, it can still hinder muscle growth. If you aren`t struggling, then you`re likely not growing as much as you could.

Big muscle-building exercises you should be including are squats, rows, deadlifts, chinups, dips, and bench presses. They recruit the most muscle fibers, putting the most stress on your body. If you`re using isolation exercises too little or too much, then this could be the reason. Intensity boosters like supersets and drop sets aren`t the only indicators of progress.

If your goal is to build muscle, then you shouldn`t be doing too much cardio as it can slow muscle growth, or worse, even reverse it. If you`re sleep deprived, then you won`t build a lot of muscle. Sleep is the optimal time for the body to recover and repair and the muscles to grow. Training too many days without taking a day off is also hindering muscle growth.

The muscle needs to recover to grow. If you eat too little, it`s no surprise your body isn`t growing muscles. What you eat before your workout affects how much energy you have. Thus, if your pre-workout foods aren`t well-balanced, it negatively affects muscle growth.

After all, muscle building goes beyond just gym sessions.


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