October 5, 2022


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15 Real Ways To Speed Up The Weight Loss Process

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Do you feel like your weight loss journey is taking too long? Do you want to speed things up? If this sounds like you, keep on watching this video! Because today, we will be showing you 15 real ways to speed up the weight loss process.


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In a nutshell:

If your goal is to lose weight and exercise more, forget the deprivation diet and marathon workouts. It will also help you figure out how you can make smarter food choices. Do it for each 2-minute commercial break while you’re watching your favorite TV show, and you’ll burn an extra 270 calories a day—which can translate to a 28-pound weight loss in a year.

3. Limit Packaged, Processed Foods Packaged foods tend to be high in sodium, fat, and sugar, so you want to try to limit them as much as possible from your diet. Pick your top five processed foods, whether it be cookies, crackers, chips, or candy, and gradually downshift. If you’re eating six of these foods a week, try to go down to five.

Burn calories instead of gas by following this rule: If your errands are less than one mile away, walk to do them at a brisk pace. Or, park your car, where you can run several errands within a mile, instead of moving your car each time. Basic bodyweight exercises, like squats and push-ups, are a simple way to build more metabolism-revving muscle in minutes at home without picking up a single weight. Adding two to three minutes of stair climbing per day—covering about three to five floors—can burn enough calories to eliminate weight gain of one to two pounds.

Walking up a flight of stairs can also help strengthen your glutes and quads, so there are some strength training benefits as well. Today’s fitness trackers allow you to take more control over your health by providing you with important data about your eating, sleep, and workout habits. Consider purchasing a fitness tracker to help you monitor not just how many steps you’re taking each day, but how many calories you’re burning, how much sleep you’re getting, what your resting heart rate is, and what your eating habits are like. It’ll also help you stay on track with sticking to the goal of getting 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise a week.

This will help you cut calories and sodium. When you make and eat your own food, you not only control the quality and portion sizes but also reduce the amount of sugar, salt, and fat that you’re consuming, which can be significantly higher in restaurant fare. It might sound contradictory to treat yourself to dessert when you’re trying to lose weight, but the truth is, depriving yourself of treats can lead to overeating. Tuning into your body will help you eat more mindfully and feel more satisfied.

Skip fruit juice, which tends to be loaded with sugar, and enjoy a healthy smoothie instead. It’s important to prepare a smoothie that has a good balance of protein, carbs, and healthy fats.


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