June 29, 2022


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15 Life Hacks That Work Wonders For Your Body

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The majority of the population believes that living a healthy and convenient life takes an enormous amount of effort, time, and money. Unbeknown to most of us, sometimes, convenience and health are just right under our noses.


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In a nutshell:

Just to give you something to be excited about, a good example is an odd way of getting rid of the hiccups. When you do the following evening, try keeping one eye close if you need to turn the light. And when you turn it off, open the closed eye and it’ll be able to see without much light. Ah, the infamous brain freeze–the intense pain on the head after eating very cold foods. Unlike its dramatic name, brain freeze is simply a nerve response to cold food touching the soft palate toward the back of the mouth. 3. Eat salmon for healthy, shiny hair. An easy trick to stop your bad hair days is to eat salmon more. Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D, both of which are essential in keeping the scalp and hair healthy. 4. Prevent a sneeze using your tongue or bright light. To prevent sneezing at a bad time, with your mouth closed, press your tongue firmly against the back of your teeth. If you feel like sneezing and want to force it, look up at the sun or into a bright light for a few seconds. Speaking of itch that’s right outside of your grasp and cannot be scratched, ever had one on your throat? 5. Scratch your ear to relieve a throat itch. The best way to eradicate the annoying feeling is to scratch your ear instead. Apparently, when the nerves of the ear are stimulated, the muscles in the throat spasm. Have you tried wanting to hear someone over the music and for some reason you can hear them better when you turn your right ear toward them instead of your left ear? When a sound enters the right ear, it’s processed by the left part of the brain, which is generally for speech and language development. And so, when you listen to a speech, using your right ear will give you an easier time. Having some yellowing on and around your nails is natural, but it still can’t take away the fact that it isn’t a good look. If you’re looking for a safe way of whitening your nails, try toothpaste. It turns out that toothpaste isn’t just for protecting and whitening the teeth, but also for the nails since both body parts are keratin-based. Since we’re on the topic of whitening, the next hack is how to have a whiter teeth using fruits. So, next time you need an excuse to drink a hot or cold coffee, then be ready to tell them those. You can try 2 ways to get rid of a toothache using ice cubes. It’s a temporary solution, but it’s a good way to provide some relief while you look for medicine. Another way is to take an ice cube and put it on the back of your hand. Look at the color green to boost your creativity. Take a look at a big green rectangle and it’ll trick your brain into turning on its creativity gears. So, try keeping a few cinnamon sticks in your snack stash at work then take a deep whiff whenever you need a quick mental and memory boost. Exhale when your left foot hits the ground to reduce side pain. Sleep on your left to prevent acid reflux. If you’re used to sleeping on your right and are experiencing acid reflux, then that might be it. That’s because when you’re on your right, your stomach is higher than your esophagus, allowing gravity to trigger acid reflux. Which of those life hacks surprised you the most?


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