December 7, 2022


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14 Foods That Will Naturally Boost Testosterone Levels

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Testosterone is a key hormone in males. It plays significant roles in muscle mass, sexual function, fertility, and bone health amongst many things.


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In a nutshell:

With that in mind, going onward, we will be walking you through 14 foods that can aid in boosting your testosterone levels. To give you a little preview, they include ginger, beans, and shellfish. One of these is helping promote testosterone production by boosting luteinizing hormone. In a study with a rat model, it was found that a daily intake of fresh onion juice for a month substantially increased total testosterone levels. According to studies, taking a daily ginger supplement for 3 months has increased testosterone levels by 17.7% on 75 adult male participants with fertility problems. For a testosterone boost, get an extra-virgin olive oil. A small study revealed that this oil may increase serum testosterone levels in healthy adult men. This group of foods, consisting of kale, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, etc., isn’t just great for health, but also people with low testosterone levels.

Cruciferous vegetables have a unique way of boosting the male hormone and that is by lowering estrogen levels. Fatty acid intake can also be increased by taking fish oil or omega-3 supplements. Based on an animal-based study, fish oil can boost the quality of semen and serum testosterone levels in dogs by enhancing their fatty acid profiles. Oysters and clams are packed with zinc, selenium, and omega-3 fatty acids–all of which support optimal testosterone levels. And so, eating foods high in nutrients essential for maintaining optimal testosterone levels such as those three, can support hormonal health. Yes, tuna is a testosterone-boosting food, as well. Tuna is a low-calorie food that’s rich in protein and is good for the heart. It’s also loaded with vitamin D, which has been associated with longer life and increased testosterone levels. Vitamin D can bolster your testosterone levels by a whopping 90%. Another delicious testosterone-boosting food you can fit into your diet is eggs, or egg yolks, to be specific.

In fact, they can benefit men with low testosterone levels. According to some studies, selenium can help improve testosterone production. According to a study, healthy men and women that drank pure pomegranate juice had an average 24% increase in their testosterone levels after only 2 weeks. Another fruit that’s good for raising your testosterone levels is avocado. Avocados are also high in healthy fats, which are important for hormonal health. Although it isn’t necessary to take boron supplements, eating boron-rich foods like avocados can help maintain healthy T levels. As previously discussed, vitamin D is an essential nutrient for overall health and testosterone regulation. Thankfully, fortified foods are the major source of vitamin D in many people’s diets. Better yet, you can pair your favorite fortified plant milk with a fortified cereal, which is also known to naturally boost testosterone levels. Next up, learn what’s on fortified cereals that make them qualify as a testosterone-increasing food.

Many fortified cereals actually offer higher levels of nutrients than their natural, whole counterparts. Researchers suggest that eating high-carb foods like fortified cereals generated higher testosterone levels in males. Moreover, many cereal brands fortified with vitamin D are designed to improve heart health. Plus, they’re a plant-based protein that helps with heart health. Anyway, the fact remains that beans are great for raising your T levels, not to mention, they’re cheap and healthy. Aside from vitamin D and zinc, magnesium and flavonoid antioxidants are also important for testosterone. Which of those testosterone-boosting foods do you like most and least?


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