September 28, 2022


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12 Gym Hacks That Will Boost Muscle Growth x2

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In this video, we talk about 12 gym hacks for increasing muscle gains. And did you know that as simple as wearing knee sleeves can amplify your squat game?


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In a nutshell:

12 Gym Hacks That Will Boost Muscle Growth x2 Building muscles takes some time and proper training, much more if you`re aiming to boost your muscle growth by two times. However, you should know that due to your circadian rhythm, certain times of the day are the best hormonal status for exercise. For instance, a morning workout is best for weight loss because of your body`s hormonal composition at that time.

Meanwhile, an afternoon or evening workout can serve you better if your goal is to build muscle. Isolating certain muscle groups is important but it can`t be the backbone of your training. You should also have alternate compound motions to target numerous muscle groups at once. More importantly, using multiple muscle groups lets you lift more weight.

Popular compound exercises are deadlifts, squats, and pull-ups, all working to target many muscle groups at once. If you find one muscle group that`s weaker than the others, you can then add isolation movements to build it up. To double your muscle gains, you must train heavy. Heavy training challenges your muscles both concentrically and eccentrically.

That said, for compound moves like squats, bench presses, and deadlifts, you can do sets of around 5 reps. Then later on as you progress, your new strength will let you lift heavier weights for more reps. Another gym hack that not many of you know is to start a workout with your priority muscle group or exercise. 4.

Kick-off with priority muscle group/exercise. The reason for this is that the muscles you train first in a workout will be the ones to improve the most. Similarly, it could also mean performing an isolation exercise for a certain lagging or weak muscle group. 5.

Wear knee sleeves for squats. Such an increase in performance might be due to the enhanced comfort, feelings of stability, and proprioception brought by the knee sleeves. So, consider using knee sleeves on some of your leg workouts. However, don`t overuse them, say for every workout, as it can weaken the muscles stabilizing your knees.

Apply this hack only when you want to truly push your squat strength. Do you know how long you should spend building muscles? Although you`ll certainly see some results by working for a muscle group once a week, increasing it to twice (or thrice) a week is a good boost. Plus, allocating 20-30 minutes of weight lifting and strength training every session is enough. An hour is also acceptable but make sure to vary your workout so you don`t overtrain a certain muscle group.


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