November 29, 2022


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12 Foods To Stop Eating For Younger Looking Skin

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Want younger-looking skin? It’s simple–eat the right foods and avoid the wrong ones. Your diet can save you from skin troubles.


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In a nutshell:

Although a few indulgences won’t cause you to age overnight, a constant poor diet can easily speed up the aging process of your skin. Today, we will be talking about the 12 foods that you should stop eating if you want to keep your young-looking skin. Many of these foods are gonna be hard to give up for some, such as baked goods, sugar, and alcohol. Continue watching, and later on, we will also tell you what foods you should eat instead. Baked goods and other sweets are often laden with added sugars and fat, which can result in weight gain and poor dental health. In short, eating such foods with those properties can hasten your skin aging process. Potato chips are highly processed foods that will only dry up all the water in your fountain of youth.

Moreover, fried and deep-fried oils, including those made with vegetable oils, used in cooking french fries can impair cell respiration and weaken immune functions within the body. Yes, we’re talking about free radicals that cause oxidative stress and inflammation. In a nutshell, free radicals are molecules missing one electron, making them unstable and more likely to get electrons from other healthy cells. Moreover, sugar causes inflammation, a major inhibitor to having clear, healthy skin. Yes, sugary foods may be very tempting, but trust us, the healthy high will last much longer than the short-lived sugar rush. In case you don’t know, sodium causes your body to retain water and gives you a puffy look. Watch out for foods like canned veggies, instant oatmeal, and cottage cheese, as they actually have more salt than you think. High salt intake also triggers dehydration, which can make your skin dry and look dull. After all, inflammation breaks down the collagen levels in the skin, resulting in an aged appearance.

Generally speaking, foods fried in oil at high temperatures produce free radicals that can damage the skin cells. Sadly, free radical exposure speeds up aging and weakens skin elasticity. On top of that, consuming too much salt can draw out water from your skin, resulting in dehydration. For some, they can age quicker when they eat dairy. Dairy foods can cause some people’s skin to react badly, such as eczema, itchy red patches, and inflammation. Moreover, eating dairy can aggravate these skin issues. If you’re having problems with your skin, including premature aging, eliminating dairy from your diet may solve those. Spicy foods exacerbate rosacea-prone skin. According to research, eating spicy food can make the blood vessels in the skin more reactive. As a result, your skin can develop issues like acne, wrinkles, and sallowness. But if you keep on drinking alcohol then you’re in for an aged look.

And so, alcohol plus poor sleep equals aging skin. Again, dehydration is one of the primary factors that contribute to wrinkles and older-looking skin. Soft drinks are extremely processed foods that are also the number one source of added sugars. Thus, one way to cut back on inflammation is to stop drinking soda. Anti-aging foods to include in your diet instead Whole grains, vegetables, fruits, lean protein, and low-fat dairy help ward off inflammation and keep your skin looking great. As if dull, aging skin already isn’t enough, you’ll have to deal with bad teeth, too. Ideally, eat foods that are closest to their natural state. Also, consider adding these foods more frequently into your diet: Are you guilty of eating any of those age-accelerating foods?


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