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12 Best Foods To Eat Before a Workout

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Ready to feel the burn? Before that, how about eating some foods that will fuel your energy and stamina up the right way? Everyone wants to get the most out of their workouts. And while, preparing ourselves mentally is a right step towards your fitness goal, it’s even better if we also prep our bodies by eating the best pre-workout foods.


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In a nutshell:

Oats are packed with fiber, and because of this, they release carbs gradually. This slow release of carbs means energy levels are kept consistent for the entire duration of the workout.
In other words, it allows you to train harder and for longer.

Protein shake
Tons of studies have reported good things about protein consumption when it comes to exercise. One particular benefit is that it boosts athletic performance when taken as a pre-workout beverage.
Protein is an incredibly important nutrient for the overall growth and development of the bones, muscles, and even the skin.
Protein shakes come especially handy to people who don’t receive enough amount of protein from natural sources.

Did you know that bananas are dubbed as the best morning pre-workout meal? Well, to some, this isn’t news, since bananas are full of carbohydrates and potassium, which supports nerve and muscle function.
In fact, compared to other fruits such as apples and oranges, bananas have twice the number of carbs. This only means that they make a great snack choice to fuel a prolonged workout.
Carbs in bananas account for 90% of the fruit’s calories.

One of the best protein sources is whole grains.
Whole grains are complex carbs that pack energy.
The carbs are slowly released into the bloodstream, which can sustain energy levels through an endurance workout longer than 40 minutes.
Rice, for instance, is a great example of whole grains and can be incorporated easily into your diet.

Eggs are a nutritionally balanced, low-calorie food.
The egg white supplies protein, whereas the yolk provides vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats.
It is exactly because of this that eggs make excellent pre-workout food.

Yogurt with fruits
Yogurt alone is already nutritious enough, but when combined with fruits? They make a killer combo, that’s for sure.
Fruits are usually full of carbs while yogurt is loaded with protein.
Rather than the regular yogurt, go for Greek yogurt if you can.
Greek yogurt has almost double the protein but with fewer carbs, and half the sodium.

Chicken is an ideal form of lean meat and protein.
It’s also good to eat with other foods, say, whole grains like rice.

Dried fruit
Before a workout, you don’t need to indulge in a huge meal.
As such, a snack or mini-meal would suffice in keeping lethargy at bay.
For quick, easy, and good pre-workout food, dried fruits won’t disappoint. It’s easy to prepare, too.

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich
There are several reasons why bread and jelly have become a lunchbox staple. For starters, they serve up quite a huge amount of carbs, which then give you the energy your muscles need during exercises.
Second, the peanut butter offers a dose of protein, helping you feel full and helping fend off post-workout cravings and binges.

Trail mix
Nuts are high in fats.
That said, they also provide the protein and calories required to gain muscle mass. Albeit known as a hiking staple, trail mix is also a good snack for any workout.
Raisins, for example, give you a quick hit of energy while being easy on the stomach.


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