November 29, 2022


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10 Yoga Poses That Will Help Your Depression and Anxiety

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There is a rise in the awareness of mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists, all recommend that preventive measures and non-medicated treatments be tried before you attempt medication.


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In a nutshell:

One of the main reasons doctors recommend yoga is because the poses incorporate intricate postures and breathing exercises which are known to calm your body and mind. Doing these poses will help prevent anxiety attacks or panic attacks which are common mental health problems. Those who have disorders like ADHD are often asked to try yoga because it helps to relax and centre the body while helping the mind focus. ADHD is a disorder that directly affects focus and attention retention, doing poses that incorporate breathing techniques and promote focus can help. This helps balance your mood and combat common mental health issues like depression. Therapists recommend yoga for mental peace and concentration and to improve your mood. Yoga can help those suffering from self-esteem issues, a loss in confidence or self-esteem is often considered a cause for depression and anxiety. The breathing in yoga also helps rid your mind of self-doubt. Begin by standing tall with your feet hip-width apart on your yoga mat. Press firmly into the floor with all four corners of your foot (inside edge, outside edge, ball, and heel), and engage the muscles in your right leg, glutes, and core. This restorative pose encourages deep breathing, can help lower your blood pressure, and elicits a deep stretch. Begin this pose on your hands and knees.Bring the inside edges of your feet together, sliding your knees outward until they’re slightly wider than hip-width apart. Sit on your heels, drop your belly between the thighs, and lower your forehead to the floor.Reach out like a cat, keeping your elbows elevated as you extend your arms as far as possible along the ground in front of you. When life becomes too much to bear and you’re feeling that anxiety floods over you, try playing dead with this pose, which requires only that you lie on the floor and breathe. Press your arms against the floor and engage your core to lift your butt far enough off the ground for you to place your hands on your lower back. Lower your legs into a plow pose, touching the floor above your head with your toes if you can. Hold for four or five breaths, and then raise your legs so that they point straight up toward the ceiling. Prop yourself up onto your elbows, pressing your forearms into the floor as you arch your back and lift your chest as high as you can.Lower the crown of your head toward the floor, and either point your toes or flex your feet (your choice). Flex your feet so that your leg muscles are engaged, and rest your hands on the floor by your sides.Lift your chest toward the ceiling to straighten your spine, and then walk your hands down the sides of your body until you feel a deep stretch. Separate your knees and feet to hip-width apart and flex your ankles so that your toes are pressed into the floor. Hold this pose for five to eight breaths before returning your head upright. To come out of the pose, engage your core and slowly walk your hands up the back of your body until your spine is straight. Hold for five to eight breaths before returning your head to an upright position. Hold this pose for eight to 10 breaths. Lift your knees toward your chest, turn your body so that your bottom is against the wall, and then extend your legs up it toward the ceiling, allowing your arms to rest naturally by your sides, palms up.


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