October 5, 2022


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10 Tips That Will Force Your Body To Bulk Up Fast

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For this video, we will be going over 10 tips, including exercise tweaks and dietary changes, that will leave your body no choice but to bulk up fast. To give you a small preview–one way of bulking up fast is to train more often, specifically, resistance training, which will be discussed further.

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In a nutshell:

You need approximately 2,800 calories to gain a pound of muscle, and more importantly, to promote protein turnover, which can be boosted with training. So, for this video, we will be going over 10 tips, including exercise tweaks and dietary changes, that will leave your body no choice but to bulk up fast. One of the primary reasons many aren’t gaining weight and muscle mass as they should is because they lack resistance training. If you want to bulk up, then you need to stimulate muscle growth by training more often. According to studies, increasing resistance training volume yields greater gains in muscle hypertrophy.

Plus, by working more muscles, you’re also strengthening more muscles, which in turn, boosts muscle growth and the chances of getting big fast. Needless to say, compound exercises are the best way to gain muscles. Hypertrophy means muscle growth, and it’s directly linked to an increase in strength, which is exactly what compound exercises help you achieve. By switching up your rep ranges, you’re forcing your body to use different muscle fibers and energy pathways. For many lifters, training movements within the 8-15 rep range will cover most bases for muscle growth. On another note, when you’re training often and in high volumes, rep ranges work best at balancing the volume, training intensity, and recovery needs. One of the secrets to bulking up fast is to train with intensity to push your muscles to near failure. Training to near failure is good for training muscle growth. Also, this training technique increases muscle protein synthesis, which results in more muscle growth.

But if you’re doing loads of cardio in your workout sessions and burning off those calories, then inevitably, your muscle growth is going to be a slow, tedious process. Therefore, it’s not advised to overdo cardio when you want to get big and build muscles. Carbohydrates are crucial for muscle building, but so are protein and fat. According to experts, to build muscle mass and maintain muscle mass through a positive muscle protein balance, you should consume 1.4 to 2.0 grams of protein per kilo of your body weight every day.

Exercise breaks down your muscles so your body needs something that will build those muscles back up. Also, the harder you’re lifting and the more time you spend training, the more important it is to eat more protein to help with recovery. It’s advised to consume at least 20-30 grams of protein with each meal if your diet plan is eating five times a day. But since you want to build muscle mass quickly, which translates to weight gain, then you must consume more calories than you burn each day, a.k.a, calorie surplus. When you’re in a calorie deficit, your body senses this, so it downshifts your body’s ability to build new muscle. To ensure that your weight gain is from muscle, make sure that the bulk of those calories are from protein.

According to research, people who followed a high-calorie diet rich in protein were able to store about 45% of those calories as muscle. Protein powder is the go-to bulking-up supplement for many. Several studies have found out that creatine can significantly increase strength and muscle growth when taken as a supplement and when combined with tons of strength training. All you need is to take 5 grams of creatine a day and you’re good to go. Furthermore, according to experts, consuming casein protein before bed can enhance young men’s levels of circulating amino acids for 7.5 hours, meaning, their bodies build muscles all night long while they sleep.


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