September 30, 2022


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10 Things to Avoid Doing After Your Workout

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Give yourself a pat on the back after completing a tough gym session. So what now? Do you just go home and lounge on the couch? Not so fast. What you do immediately after your sweat session can significantly impact your body’s recovery.


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In a nutshell:

So, you may work hard to reach your fitness goals, but you`d have an even harder time if your post-workout habits are not quite as healthy as your workout sessions. Now, the question is–what are the post-workout things you should avoid doing? During exercise, your blood pressure increases in an effort to cope with the increased demands placed on your body. So, when you instantly stop moving after pushing yourself hard, your body`s need for increased blood flow declines.

The smartest option is to slowly reduce your exercise intensity and then stop. Even if you`re just on a run, slowly reduce your speed and intensity within 10 minutes until you fall into a relaxed walking pace. A good cooldown can help your body recover from any level of workout. Immediately after the workout is the best time to work on improving your flexibility.

Your muscles are relaxed and your body is warm, so it`s easier to stretch them to a point where they`ll improve. Moreover, stretching has been associated with reduced post-workout soreness. Even if you cannot shower right away, just immediately change into new clothes, socks, and shoes, keeping your muscles warm and loose. Doing so promotes good circulation, which then helps with the recovery process post-workout.

If you absolutely don`t have time, use workout clothes that are made of moisture-wicking synthetic fabrics. We get it–it`s tempting to get into a sauna or steam room after an intense gym workout. Unfortunately, this will put your body under thermal stress, which is not necessarily good, especially at this time. During your workout, your body has to work extra hard to keep you cool.

Therefore, adding in more heat post-workout may only stress your body, especially your immune system. Instead, use ice or take a cold shower like most athletes do post-workout. This way, it helps speed up the healing process of your body. By focusing on post-exercise recovery, you can train sooner and at a higher intensity, at that.

5. Not refueling your body right Healthy snacks should include protein, a little fat, and some complex carbohydrates to replenish your energy. Protein gets lots of attention post-workout and for good reasons. Exercise sessions mustn`t be used as a justification to overeat, especially if these are the wrong foods.

However, you must still be mindful of your food intake and your portion sizes, no matter how intense your workout was. Oh, and don`t forget to include the calories from your post-workout meal in your daily calorie plan. Another pitfall you must avoid is letting too much time pass after a workout without refueling your body.


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